Best Festive Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Are you looking for a printable Christmas scavenger hunt? Look no further with this fun Christmas hunt for kids! One of my favorite things to…

Are you looking for a printable Christmas scavenger hunt? Look no further with this fun Christmas hunt for kids!


One of my favorite things to do around Christmas time is taking family walks around the neighborhood to see all the festive decorations our neighbors have put up. It puts me in such an uplifting, holiday mood.

For some added fun to these walks, I created and am sharing with you a printable Christmas scavenger hunt to do with your kids.

On this printable Christmas scavenger hunt your family will search for holiday decorations ranging from a sleigh and star to a red bow and more!

This Christmas hunt is a fun way to bond with your kids while getting them even more excited for the upcoming holiday!

This post is all about a printable Christmas scavenger hunt.

Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt

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  • Printer
  • Printer Paper (8.5×11)
  • Writing Utensil
  • Clipboard (Optional)
  • Laminator (Optional)
  • Laminating Sheets (Optional)


At the bottom of this post you will find the free printable Christmas scavenger hunt. Print off a copy for each member of your family. If you plan to use these again in the future, I recommend laminating the scavenger hunt so you don’t have to reprint. Now you are ready for a fun-filled family night!

How to Play

There are a few different ways to play this fun Christmas scavenger hunt. Here are three different options to enjoy this Christmas activity. 

Option 1- All Together

The first way to play is great for family walks. Take a walk around your neighborhood a couple weeks before Christmas and work together to spot all 18 Christmas items on the list. 

Option 2 – Competition

If your family is competitive at all you might enjoy making this a competition. To play this way, break up into two teams ensuring both teams have a phone.

Then, start the hunt around your neighborhood. Each team will search for the holiday decorations on the list and then take a picture as proof. The first team to make it back home after finding all the holiday scavenger hunt items wins bragging rights until next year!

Option 3 – Christmas Party Game

A third option for doing this scavenger hunt is by doing this indoors as a Christmas party game. This is a great activity if you host or attend a holiday party.

Before doing the scavenger hunt, make sure you have all the Christmas items somewhere in your house (if you don’t you can always print off my blank Christmas scavenger hunt).

Then, once all of the kids have arrived at the Christmas party let them search the house for the items on the list. They can do it individually or broken up into teams. Just make sure to have enough copies and writing utensils for each kid.

Whichever kid or team completes the scavenger hunt first, wins! It can be fun to have a small prize for the winning person or team. 

Prizes for the Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love prizes? It can be fun to put together a small stocking like this with some goodies for the winning player(s).

Mini Christmas Stockings

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Here are some fun prize ideas for the Christmas scavenger hunt. 

Christmas Stickers

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Christmas Glasses

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Christmas Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Here is the Christmas decorations scavenger hunt. On this hunt there are 18 holiday items to find. Feel free to download and print off as many copies as you’d like. You can also pin this post for later use. 

free printable christmas scavenger hunt


Christmas Scavenger Hunt For Toddlers

Here is the Christmas scavenger hunt with pictures. On this hunt there are pictures for each of the 12 Christmas items making it perfect for toddlers and young children who cannot read yet.

You can download and print this below or pin this post for later!

printable christmas scavenger hunt clues


Blank Christmas Scavenger Hunt

If you’d like to create your own Christmas scavenger hunt feel free to download my template below. A fun way to play this way is by printing off a copy for each person in your family.

Then, have everyone write down Christmas decorations they think they will see on a walk around the neighborhood. Once everyone is finished coming up with 18 items then go for a walk. Cross off the items as you spot them. The first person to finish their scavenger hunt wins!

free printable christmas scavenger hunt clues


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This Post Was All About A Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt.

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