16 Insanely Fun Clues For An Epic Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Are you looking to plan an exciting Easter egg treasure hunt your kids will love? Look no further, with these free printable Easter treasure hunt…


Are you looking to plan an exciting Easter egg treasure hunt your kids will love? Look no further, with these free printable Easter treasure hunt clues for kids.

My kids’ favorite Easter activity is of course the Easter egg hunt. It doesn’t matter what is inside the eggs, they just love searching for them. They enjoy it so much so, that even after they’ve found all their eggs, my kids will play “Easter Bunny.” They’ll pretend to be the Easter bunny and go back and forth hiding one another’s empty eggs just for them to find again. It’s a game they can seriously play for hours. 

Because they love it so much, this year I’ve decided to add to the egg hunt fun. I’ve created and am sharing with you an Easter egg treasure hunt complete with 16 fun clues.

All 16 clues are fairly simple. They each lead to an indoor item most households have such as a toaster, keys, refrigerator and more!

After your kids complete this Easter egg treasure hunt, don’t be surprised if they beg you to do more!

This post is all about creating an Easter egg treasure hunt your kids will love. 

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

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easter egg treasure hunt clues

What I love about this Easter egg treasure hunt is that it makes my kids have to think and solve the riddle in order to find their prize.

I made these clues fairly easy and best suited for the younger ages because my three kids are 6 and under. Seeing the teamwork and brainstorming they do while solving these riddles is really great. 

Supplies Needed for the Easter Treasure Hunt

  • Printer
  • 8.5 x 11 Printer Paper
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Prize


The first thing you’ll need to do is download and print off the free printable Easter egg treasure hunt clues below. Afterwards, cut out each individual clue. Then, gather 15 plastic Easter eggs for your clues. 

easter treasure hunt for adults

After that, set aside the first clue that reads “Let’s go on a treasure hunt! Can you find all the clues? I’ve hidden your first one in one of your shoes.”

This is the clue you will give to your kids in order to start the treasure hunt. The first clue will not be going in an egg.

The first and last clue are the only two that have to go in a specific order. Otherwise, the rest of the clues you can decide the order you want to place them.

Next, lay out all of the clues and organize them into the order you want them to go. You can always number the back of the clues so your kids know they’ve found the right one.

Once you’ve organized and numbered the clues, you are then going to put your second clue in a plastic egg and hide it in your child’s shoe (location from the first). Before you hide it, make sure to read the second clue so you know where the next clue should be hidden. 

Basically, your second clue will go in the location from the first clue and the third clue will go in the location from the second clue. You keep doing this pattern until you get to the last clue.

The last card reads “you’ve followed the clues and now it’s time for your prize. Go look in your closet for your Easter surprise!”. You would then place the prize or treat in their closet.

easter treasure hunt clues

I specifically chose the closet for the last clue so that if you have more than one child they can do the hunt together but then each child can get their own prize.

If you do the hunt in the order I have them listed below, then it may be helpful to just pull this up while you hide the eggs. This way you don’t have to try and remember where the next one goes because I have it listed along with the location. 

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Clues

  1. Let’s go on a treasure hunt! Can you find all the clues? I’ve hidden your first one in one of your shoes.
    • Location: Child’s Shoe
  2. You’ve found your next clue great job keep it up. Now go to the place where you’d find a dirty cup.
    • Location: Kitchen Sink or Dishwasher
  3. The next clue is near, where your reflection will show. Now run to this spot. Ready, set, GO!
    • Location: Mirror
  4. You do this twice a day in the morning and at night. If you forget to use it you’ll give the dentist a fright.
    • Location: Their Toothbrush/Toothpaste 
  5. Put bread into this item and crispy brown it’ll come out. You’ll find your next clue here, I have no doubt.
    • Location: Toaster
  6. You’re going to find this next one I have a great hunch. This clue is hidden where you sit to each lunch.
    • Location: Dining Room Table
  7. Wow! Look how many you’ve found so far. Your next clue is waiting by the item that starts a car.
    • Location: Keys
  8. You’re going to get this next clue I have a feeling, I just know. It’s hidden where you sit to watch your favorite T.V. show.
    • Location: Couch or whatever they sit on to watch the T.V.
  9. Wow! You’re getting close but hang on you’re not done yet. Go to the place your towel hangs when it’s soaking wet.
    • Location: Bathroom Towel
  10. You’re good at this game, so i’ve been told. I’ve placed your next clue where food is kept cold.
    • Location: Refrigerator
  11. Now the next one is waiting in a peculiar spot. It’s by the thing you turn on when you’ve gotten too hot.
    • Location: Fan
  12. Tick tock, tick tock. That is the sound of the object by where your next clue will be found.
    • Location: Clock
  13. Dirty clothes go in this, they come out nice and clean. There’s also a clue here that you haven’t seen.
    • Location: Washing Machine
  14. Look at you, finding clues left and right. Your next one is placed where you lay your head at night.
    • Location: Pillow
  15. Forks, knives, and spoons Hmm… where could they be? Your next clue is with them you’ll want to come see.
    • Location: Silverware Drawer
  16. You’ve followed the clues and now it’s time for your prize. Go look in your closet for your Easter surprise!
    • Location: Child’s Bedroom Closet
easter treasure hunt for kids


Easter Prize Ideas

If you normally give your kids an Easter basket then you could use this Easter treasure hunt to lead them to their basket. I have the final clue leading to their bedroom closet in order for their prize to be out of the way and not in plain sight while they are looking for their other clues.

easter treasure hunt clues for kids

Rather than an Easter basket, instead you could do a fun prize for completing the hunt. I’ve listed some prize ideas below. 

Llama Llama Easter Egg

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Egg Toss Game

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Easter Maze Book

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Easter Squishmallow

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Create Your Own Easter Treasure Hunt

Are you interested in coming up with your own Easter egg treasure hunt? Maybe you want to create one that is more difficult or just come up with more clues to make this one longer.

If you are looking for additional places for your clues to lead then some ideas would be the pantry, freezer, sock drawer, cupboards, front door, or bookshelf.

If you would like the blank treasure hunt clues template to create your own then you can download this free printable below. Just print it off and then write your own clues inside each box.

easter treasure hunt for teens


I hope your kids enjoy this fun Easter treasure hunt. Let me know how it goes. Was it too easy for them or were there any challenging ones? I’d love to hear!

This Post Was All About A Fun Easter Egg Treasure Hunt For Kids

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