17 Best Easter Basket Ideas For Toddler Girls That Are Actually Useful

Are you looking for Easter basket ideas for toddler girls? If so, you have come to the right place. These are the best 17 items…

Are you looking for Easter basket ideas for toddler girls? If so, you have come to the right place. These are the best 17 items to include for toddler girls because of their practicality. 

easter basket ideas for toddler girls

Easter is just around the corner so you are probably looking for items to get those baskets ready. If you are like me you want to fill those baskets with useful items that aren’t junk and will actually get used. Having three girls myself, I am giving you the best Easter basket ideas for toddler girls.

These Easter basket ideas for toddler girls that I am sharing with you range from rain boots and rain jackets to sunglasses and beach toys.

After learning about these practical Easter basket ideas for toddler girls you are going to put together a basket you and your daughter will both LOVE!

This post is all about useful Easter basket ideas for toddler girls. 

Best Easter Basket Ideas For Toddler Girls

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1. Rain Boots – Easter Basket Ideas

Grab your little one some super cute rain boots like these to splash in the puddles. Rain boots are so convenient to have for your young kiddos especially during this rainy season. They will keep your kids’ feet dry when they just can’t help themselves from jumping in that puddle.

What I love about these particular boots is that they have handles that make it SO much easier for toddlers to get on themselves.

Toddler Light Up Rain Boots

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2. Rain jacket – Easter Basket Ideas

A rain jacket like this goes great with rain boots. This is the rain jacket I have for all three of my kiddos and I love it. This jacket is especially thin and lightweight so if you are looking for a rain jacket that will also keep your toddler warm you will NOT want to get this one.

When I first ordered this jacket for my kids I was actually disappointed at how thin it was. I was expecting it to be warm enough for them in the spring because we have cold, rainy days.

However, I’ve actually grown to like it and have bought this style for a few years now. I like that my kids can still use it in the summer when its rainy but won’t get overheated and in the spring, I just have them wear a sweatshirt underneath if it’s a chillier day.

Columbia Girls Rain Jacket

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3. Sunglasses – Easter Basket Ideas

easter basket ideas for toddler girl

Ahh sunglasses! They are convenient to have and the perfect size for Easter baskets.

I have a love-hate relationship with kid’s sunglasses. My kids love to wear them but they also love taking them off and leaving them on the floor for me to later step on. Thus, we go through a LOT of pairs of sunglasses. For that reason, I always buy cheap ones because I know they won’t last.

These are the current sunglasses my kiddos have. They are brightly colored so I’m hoping they will be more noticeable if left on the floor, but we’ll see how long these last.

Kids Sunglasses

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4. Swimsuit – Easter Basket Ideas

Swim season is right around the corner so why not add a new swimsuit to your Easter basket ideas. At this age they grow so fast so it is unlikely their swimsuit from last year still fits, making it a great time for a new one.

Having three girls I have gone through so many different swimsuits over the years. What I have learned is that the easy quick change snaps are a must and zippers are very helpful.

During toddlerhood is when many kiddos potty train and you will want to have a swimsuit that is easy to get off for those trips to the bathroom like this RuffleButts swimsuit.

Not only is this swimsuit super adorable but it is practical for your trip to the beach or pool. It has quick change snaps, a zipper and long sleeve protection.

RuffleButts Baby/Toddler Swimsuit

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5. Book – Easter Basket Ideas

easter basket ideas for toddlers

Reading has so many benefits to kids so add a book to their Easter basket to encourage a love of reading from a young age. We love Don’t Push The Button An Easter Surprise and Llama Llama Easter Egg as great beginner board books.

If your child can sit for longer stories then check out Pete the Cat Big Easter Adventure.

Don’t Push The Button An Easter Surprise

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Pete the Cat Big Easter Adventure

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6. Water Bottle – Easter Basket Ideas

Water bottles get used everyday so add a new one to your Easter basket ideas for toddler girls. Over the years I have struggled to find the perfect water bottle for my toddlers. One that doesn’t leak when they drop it and one you can easily clean out without mold growing in small crevices.

So far, we have tried these Contigo straw cups and I like that they are spill proof, minus the small amount of water that can collect in the top half of the straw. However, the lid has a hole that water can collect in and you can’t dry it out which means mold can definitely grow in there. Yuck!

We’ve also tried these CamelBak kids water bottles and while they are spill proof and easy to clean, I have a couple issues with them. First, it’s very tricky for a toddler to figure out that you have to bite the straw to get water out. Second, I was replacing straws way too often because my children loved to chew on them even when they were not drinking.

We currently are using these Thermos Funtainer Stainless Steel Bottles. However, they have to be kept upright at all times otherwise they leak, which, let me tell you is nearly impossible with a toddler. Thankfully we only fill it with water.

I’ve been so tempted to give the Hydro Flask Kids Water Bottle a try because I love my Hydro Flask but I haven’t been able to justify the price tag with the chance it may be no better than the other options out there. If I do end up trying it out, I’ll make sure to update and let you know!

Thermos Stainless Steel Bottles

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Hydro Flask Kids Water Bottle

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7. Markers – Easter Basket Ideas

easter basket ideas for toddlers no candy

Any art materials such as crayons, colored pencils, or markers are a great item to include because they are perfect size for a basket and will actually get used. If your kids are like mine and love markers just make sure to get the washable ones because not all kids markers are easy to clean off.

My kids love these Pip-Squeak Crayola Markers. They are smaller than regular markers, making them easier for little hands to use and manipulate.

Crayola Pip-Squeaks Markers

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8. Hair bow – Easter Basket Ideas

Is your toddler’s hair always in her face? These super cute bows are a perfect addition to her Easter basket. The metal clip on these bows are covered with fabric so it won’t rip her hair if she tries pulling them out.

Non Slip Hair Bows

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9. Games – Easter Basket Ideas

Add some toddler friendly card games like Crazy Eights, Go Fish, or Old Maid to her basket. Card games like these are a fun way for your little one to learn all about matching and numbers.

Crazy Eights Card Game

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Old Maid Card Game

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10. Sandbox Toys – Easter Basket Ideas

easter basket gifts for toddlers

Summer is right around the corner so outdoor toys like these would make a great Easter gift. These sand box toys are perfect for digging in a sandbox or taking with on a trip to the beach.

Melissa & Doug Baking Sand Toys

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Melissa & Doug Cupcake Toys

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11. Hat – Easter Basket Ideas

A sun hat or baseball cap are a practical Easter basket gift because they keep that summer sunshine out of your little ones eyes and face.

I really this sun hat because it has a flap in the back to cover your little one’s neck. All three of my girls’ hair has taken FOREVER to grow in so this extra protection is so helpful to have.

Toddler Sun Hat With Neck Flap

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Kids Denim Baseball Cap

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12. Garden Set – Easter Basket Ideas

If you like to garden then a kids garden set like this might be a perfect Easter basket item. If your littles are like mine they love to help out with all the tasks around the house. This set will give them the tools they need to help you plant and grow your garden.

Kids Gardening Tool Set

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13. Playdoh – Easter Basket Ideas

easter gift ideas for toddlers

Play-Doh is a perfect gift for Easter because it is small in size and fits wonderfully in Easter baskets.

It is also a great activity for developing fine motor skills in toddlers. By squishing and rolling the dough they will be strengthening their hand muscles that they will need for writing in school.

Play-Doh Sparkle Collection

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14. Spring Outfit – Easter Basket Ideas

A cute spring outfit like this would be a perfect Easter basket idea for toddler girls. This is the time of year when winter clothes can get packed away and last year’s spring and summer clothes are pulled out.

Because of how fast toddlers grow most of their clothes from last year may no longer fit. If you find your little one in need of some new clothes why not add some to their basket.

Toddler Girl Outfit

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15. Snacks – Easter Basket Ideas

If you are looking for candy alternatives for your toddler’s basket try adding some healthy snacks. Here are a few snack ideas that I like to include in our littles’ baskets.

Organic Filled Figgy Pops

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gimMe Seaweed Snacks

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16. Camera – Easter Basket Ideas

Does your toddler love taking pictures on your phone? If so, a camera like this would be the perfect Easter basket gift. We got a camera for our two year old this year. I am so excited for her to have it so she can stop stealing my phone to take pictures.

I’ll have to update and let you guys know how she likes the camera!

VTech KidiZoom Camera

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17. New Shoes – Easter Basket Ideas

Is your little one due for a new pair of shoes? I like to include a pair of sandals or summer shoes in my kids’ Easter basket because come summer they pretty much live outside.

KEEN Kids Sandals

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Kid and Toddler Crocs

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This post was all about the best Easter basket ideas for toddler girls.

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