Spring Bucket List For Families – 16 Family Activities To Do In The Spring

Are you looking for the perfect spring bucket list for families that you can hang on your fridge? These are the top 16 activities that…

Are you looking for the perfect spring bucket list for families that you can hang on your fridge? These are the top 16 activities that will make your family want to get out and enjoy this beautiful season together.


Spring is here and the weather is finally warming up. If you are anything like me, when spring arrives all you want to do is get outside and make up for all the time spent indoors over the cold winter months. This spring bucket list for families has all the best family activities to do this spring.

You are going to learn about fun activities like visiting a farm, having a spring scavenger hunt, berry picking and more!

This spring bucket list for families will have you wanting to try out these activities with your own family.

This post is all about the best spring bucket list for families

Best Spring Bucket List For Families

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spring bucket list for kids


1. Easter Egg Hunt

spring bucket list for toddlers

The perfect way to enjoy this warming weather is to get outside and have an Easter egg hunt with your kids. Get some plastic eggs and fill them with small prizes like jellybeans, coins, stickers, legos etc. Then, hide them around outside and let the fun begin.

spring bucket list for preschoolers

Your kids will love running around the yard looking for Easter eggs while you enjoy watching them trying to search for those perfectly hidden eggs.

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2. Make a Bird Feeder

Build your own bird feeders or pick up some unfinished wood ones like this and paint them as a family. Once your bird feeders are done, fill them with bird seed and hang them up in the yard.

It will be so fun to watch all the different birds land and enjoy your feeder.

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3. Scavenger Hunt

spring bucket list bullet journal

Scavenger hunts are a great family activity. Make a list of some spring items or download and print off a spring scavenger hunt. Then, either break up into teams or do the hunt all together.

Take a walk around the neighborhood and see if you can find all the items on your scavenger hunt or see which team can finish the fastest.

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4. Plant Something

With all the sunshine and rain that come with spring, it makes for the perfect time to plant something. Growing things is a great family activity because it requires a lot of work which means more time spent together as a family.

You will spend time planting, watering, and weeding. Either start a garden in your backyard or just some potted plants. Regardless of what you choose it will be so rewarding watching your plants or garden grow!

5. Dye Easter Eggs

spring bucket list for teens

Dying eggs is the perfect family activity for all ages.

Start off by making hard boiled eggs. The easiest way I have learned to do this is to fill a large pot of water and add in your desired amount of eggs. Then, turn the burner on high and set a timer for 20 minutes. When the timer is done your eggs should be too. It is seriously so simple.

While your eggs are cooling, get your dye cups ready. You can use bowls, cups, or whatever containers you have. Mix a 1/2 cup of boiling water with 1 teaspoon vinegar to all your cups.

Make sure the liquid is tall enough in your container to completely cover your egg. If it is not, either double or triple this recipe until the egg is covered.

Once you have your vinegar water add your desired food coloring to each of the cups. Now, dip your eggs in the colored liquid for five minutes.

spring bucket list for adults

If you have young kids, you can try putting an egg inside a wire whisk and let them dip it into the dye. This helps them get the egg in and out of the dye without dropping the egg and splashing the dye everywhere.

Once the eggs have sat in the dye for five minutes remove the eggs and let them cool.

6. Go to a Garage Sale

The spring is the perfect time to go garage saling. Spring means cleaning, which means people are going through their stuff and trying to get rid of things. It is the perfect time to find second hand treasures.

7. Visit a Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets typically open up for the season in the springtime. A trip to the farmer’s market is a great family outing. You can get the freshest produce while also supporting your local farmers.

8. Visit a Farm

spring bucket list for couples

Find a local farm and see if they have any events that allow families to visit. The spring is the perfect time to visit because babies are being born all over the farm at this time of year and who doesn’t want to see baby sheep, goat and bunnies.

9. Go Fishing

If you enjoy fishing go as a family and teach your kids any tips and tricks you know or show them any favorite fishing spots you may have. If you haven’t fished before try learning as a family. It can be a fun, relaxing family activity to spend outdoors.

10. Have a Picnic

As a family, make and pack a lunch for each person. Remember to pack room temperature foods such as peanut butter sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds so you don’t have to worry about the food spoiling before you eat it.

Then, grab a large blanket like this one and head to a park to have a family picnic. You could also bring along a ball to play a game of kickball or football when you are finished eating. Picnics are sure to be a fun time spent outside enjoying the warmer temperatures.

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11. Fly a Kite

Pick up some kites and wait for a windy spring day. While you want there to be wind you don’t want it too windy. You can check the weather app on your phone and it will tell you the wind speeds. The ideal wind speeds for flying a kite are between 5-20 miles per hour.

If you are new to kite flying I highly recommend getting a kite shaped like a triangle or diamond similar to these. Then, find an open spot away from trees, buildings and power lines. Some great places to fly your kite is at the beach, park, or an open field.

Once you’ve found your spot, point the nose of your kite straight up and put your back to the wind. Then, gently release the kite into the air and let out some line. If the winds are a little on the slower side you may need a partner to hold and release the kite a distance away from you.

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12. Splash in Puddles

spring bucket list ideas

Splashing in puddles and playing in mud doesn’t have to be just for kids, let your inner child out and join them. Have everyone put on their rain boots and go outside in the rain or shortly after when there are plenty of puddles.

Try not to worry about the dirt because clothes can be washed and the memories you and your kids make will be more than worth it.

13. Go for a Bike Ride

A family bike ride is a great activity that gets you all outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Take a bike ride to the park or ride to your local ice cream shop for a yummy treat.

14. Go Berry Picking

Berry picking is great because adults all the way down to toddlers can participate and enjoy this activity. Each state has different fruits and seasons for them so find out what berries are available in your area during the spring and plan a berry picking outing.

For some added fun try making something out of the berries when you get home, such as a strawberry pie. Yum!

15. Read  A New Book

march bucket list

While spring is a great time to be outside, there are also a lot of rainy days in the spring. These rainy days are a perfect opportunity for new books.

So, the next time your family is stuck indoors due to the rain, just visit the library so everyone can pick out some new material to read. Then, take the books home, get comfy and have a family reading day.

16. Take A Roadtrip

This is by far one of my favorite things to do as a family. Find a new place you and your family have never been and take a family roadtrip. It doesn’t have to be super far away or an extravagant trip.

You could take a trip to the zoo, beach, or even a new park an hour away. With my kids, I like to make it a surprise and not tell them where we are going.

This leaves them pondering and guessing the whole way there. The anticipation makes the trip all the more exciting for them and they are always asking when we can go on another adventure.

spring bucket list for kids


This post was all about the best spring bucket list for families.

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