17 Best Easter Egg Fillers For Toddlers That Aren’t Junk

Want to know the best Easter egg fillers for toddlers? These are the top non-junk items to include for their egg hunt this year.   Finding…

Want to know the best Easter egg fillers for toddlers? These are the top non-junk items to include for their egg hunt this year.  

easter egg fillers for toddlers

Finding items to fill Easter eggs can be a daunting task. If you are like me, you probably want to fill your toddler’s eggs with items that will actually get used and preferably not loaded with candy. Having three kids myself, I am giving you the Easter egg fillers for toddlers that I have used with all three of my children.

The items range from legos and stamps to stickers, temporary tattoos and more!

After reading about these Easter egg fillers for toddlers you will feel more at ease putting together an egg hunt for your little one that doesn’t have to include candy or items that will soon end up in the garbage.

This post is all about Easter egg fillers for toddlers. 

Best Easter Egg Fillers For Toddlers

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1. Legos

easter egg fillers

Pick up some Duplo Legos like these to add to your toddler’s eggs. Legos are great egg fillers for toddlers because they fit perfectly in plastic eggs and are also a great toy for them to have. Playing with legos builds fine motor skills, creativity and problem solving skills.

Legos can be expensive so if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, these are the building blocks we have. We’ve had them now for a couple years and they’ve held up great and get played with often by all three of my kids ranging in age from 2-6 years old.

LEGO DUPLO Classic Brick Box

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PREXTEX Big Building Blocks

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2. Stickers

Easter egg filler ideas

All three of my kids have LOVED stickers during toddlerhood. They love sticking them to anything and everything which is why they make a great Easter egg filler for our little ones.

I like to get the rolls of stickers like these because they are larger stickers and easy enough for toddlers to peel themselves. Plus they fit easily inside the eggs. You could also just get sheets of stickers and cut them out individually to fit in the eggs.

Dog Roll Stickers

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3. Socks

Is your toddler in need of some new socks? If so, put some in their eggs.

We love these Non-Slip Grip Socks for toddlers. The grips actually stay on and work really well. The only downside we have found with them is that the sock itself is pretty thick so in the summer they can make their feet pretty warm.

Non-Slip Grip Socks

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4. Hair bow/ Headband

easter egg filler ideas for toddlers

Bows are great for toddlers and they fit perfectly in Easter eggs.

My youngest daughter is at the stage of hair where it is long enough that hangs in her eyes all day but not quite long enough to tuck behind her ears. We either have to put her bangs in a pony or put a bow in to keep them out of her face. 

If your little one likes to wear bows, I highly recommend getting bows like these that have the metal piece covered with fabric so that if your toddler tries pulling them out they slide out rather than ripping out their hair.

Non Slip Hair Bows

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5. Tattoos

easter egg fillers non candy

Temporary tattoos are a fun, easy activity for toddlers. All you have to do is cut out the tattoo they want, peel the protective plastic, flip it onto the desired spot and hold a damp washcloth on top of it for 30 seconds. When the time is up lift up the paper and voila!

My youngest loves doing these herself. She doesn’t always hold the wash cloth long enough so the whole tattoo doesn’t always stick but she enjoys it and doesn’t seem to mind. I plan to put these Paw Patrol ones in her Easter eggs this year.

Paw Patrol Tattoos

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6. Play-doh

easter eggs

Play-doh is an awesome activity for toddlers because all the squishing and rolling they do with it is actually developing fine motor skills and hand strength that they will need for writing as they get older.

These small play-doh containers fit perfectly in Easter eggs but you can also make homemade play dough using flour, cream of tartar, salt, oil, water and food coloring.

I myself, much prefer the homemade play-dough because it doesn’t dry out nearly as fast and you can experiment making different colors and adding things like cinnamon for scent.

To go along with the play-doh you can also add play-doh toys to their Easter eggs like these shape cutters.

Play-Doh 1 oz Cans

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Play Dough Tools Set

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7. Stamps

easter egg hunt

Stamps are a great Easter egg filler. If your little one loves crayons or markers they will also probably enjoy stamps.

You can get their favorite character such as these Mickey Mouse stamps or you could even get alphabet ones like these so that you can work on teaching the letters to your toddler in a fun way.

My older two still love to play with these stamps and will write out messages or make cards using the letter stamps we have.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Stamps

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Alphabet Stamps for Kids

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8. Pipsqueak Markers

easter egg fillers for adults

Pip-Squeaks markers are the perfect sized marker for toddlers. They are a fraction of the size of regular markers making them much easier to hold and color with.

They are a little too tall to fit in the regular-sized plastic eggs so you would need to use some extra large eggs like these that are six inches tall in order for them to fit. Otherwise you could always just add them to their Easter basket instead.

Crayola Pip-Squeaks Markers

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Jumbo Fillable Easter Eggs

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9. Puzzle

easter egg fillers for tweens

Pick up a 12 peice puzzle like this one and place one piece per egg. Once they find all the eggs they will have a puzzle that they can work on putting together!

10. Snacks

easter egg filling

Instead of candy, try adding some fun snacks in their eggs. I highly recommend putting in PACKAGED snacks such as mini good one bars or Annies Cheddar Bunnies rather than opened foods such as cheerios or crackers.

I say this because last year I added Sesame Street PB&J Bites and my dog must’ve smelt them and broke into all the food-filled eggs and ate them before the girls even woke up. Talk about an epic mom fail.

11. Nail Polish

Nail polish fits great in Easter eggs and is a useful item to have. I am not one to get my nails done but my girls all love it because whenever Gramma comes to town she does their nails for them.

This year, they are going to get different colored polishes in their eggs so they will have a selection to choose from when Gramma comes.

12. Magnetic Alphabet

easter egg filler ideas for teens

Magnetic alphabets and numbers are a great toy for toddlers to practice learning their numbers, letters, and letter sounds. They are an especially great activity that our toddlers can play with on the refrigerator or dishwasher while we make dinner.

Just make sure to check the size on the magnets because some can be pretty small, especially for toddlers who may still put things in their mouths.

13. Money

toddler friendly easter egg fillers

Does your toddler have a piggy bank at home yet? If so, they will love getting change in an Easter egg because they get to put the money in their piggy bank afterwards.

14. Bandaids

toddler easter egg fillers

Does your little one love band-aids as much as stickers? If so, band-aids make the perfect Easter egg fillers for toddlers.

My older two girls never really cared for band-aids (and actually much preferred to not use them), whereas my youngest is OBSESSED with band-aids.

We now go through band-aids for every bump, bruise or scratch. This year, I will be putting these Paw Patrol Band-Aids in her Easter eggs!

Paw Patrol Band-Aids

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15. Animal Figurines

non candy easter egg fillers toddlers

Animal figurines like these are great toys for toddlers to learn their animals and animal sounds while also engaging in pretend play. We like the Schleich brand animals because of how realistic their animals look.

Just make sure to check the sizes of the different animals because some are on the smaller size and intended for kids ages 3+.

If you do have a younger toddler, you can always get some larger plastic eggs like these to fit some of the larger animal figurines.

Schleich Animal Figurine

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Jumbo Fillable Easter Eggs

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16. Rubber Ducks

Try adding some rubber ducks or bath toys like these to their Easter eggs. These are a useful item that your little one will enjoy playing with during bath time.

These bath toys also make great outdoor toys. Our kiddos love to play with bath toys in their water table during the summer.

17. Glow In The Dark Stars

Glow in the dark stars like these are a great non-candy alternative to add to your toddler’s Easter eggs. These stars are especially useful if your little one is scared of the dark and needs a little light in their room to help them fall asleep.

I hope this list was helpful in your search for Easter egg fillers for toddlers. Let me know which item(s) your toddlers loved finding in their eggs.

This Post Was All About The Best Easter Egg Fillers For Toddlers

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