5 Insanely Fun Printable Spring Scavenger Hunt Your Kids Will Have A Blast Doing

If you are looking for a free printable spring scavenger hunt you have come to the right place! These five scavenger hunts make for a…

If you are looking for a free printable spring scavenger hunt you have come to the right place! These five scavenger hunts make for a great family activity, no matter the weather.

printable spring scavenger hunt

Spring is finally here and the weather is starting to warm up. I am not a cold weather person so if you’re anything like me you probably spend a lot of time indoors during the winter. This means, once spring arrives I want to get outdoors and spend as much time as possible doing things like nature walks, picnics, and trips to the farmer’s market to make up for the extra time spent inside over the winter.

To add to my family’s spring activities, I created printable scavenger hunts that I am sharing with you. These hunts can be enjoyed at different times of the season. You will see there is a printable spring scavenger hunt for those rainy days when you are cooped up inside, as well as, an outdoor printable spring scavenger hunt for those beautiful sunny days.

Your family can work together or compete against one another to do the printable spring scavenger hunt. However you choose, you will have fun and make memories to last a lifetime!

This post is all about printable spring scavenger hunt activities. 

Free Printable Spring Scavenger Hunt

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  • writing utensil

Scavenger hunts are a great family activity because they are completely free. The only items you really need are the scavenger hunt list and something to write with to check off your items.

Optional Supplies:

While this is not necessary, I highly recommend laminating or using a protective sleeve for the scavenger hunts after you have printed them. This way you only have to print it once and can use it many times after and it won’t get ruined if it gets dropped outside in the dirt or in a puddle.

If you use dry erase pocket sleeves just slide the scavenger hunt in and then bring along a dry erase marker to check off the items as you spot them. Then, when you’re done just wipe the sleeve and reuse the scavenger hunt the next time you go for a walk.

You can find these dry erase pocket sleeves on Amazon but they usually come in pretty big packs. If you only need a handful I recommend checking Target in their back to school dollar spot section at the end of summer. You can usually buy these individually and get them for super cheap.

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If you choose to laminate make sure to use Vis-a-vis markers like these instead of dry erase markers. I’ve made this mistake before and it can be really hard to get the dry erase markers off of the laminated paper if it dries. If this has happened to you, I have found hand sanitizer will do the trick and get it off.

If you are looking for a laminator I have this Amazon Basics Thermal Laminator and I use it for SO much, it was definitely worth it. I then either buy the Amazon Basics Laminating Sheets or the Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches whichever one is cheaper when I need them. I have not found much of a difference between the two.

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Another optional item is a clipboard. These make it easy to check off your items, especially when you are outside and there aren’t many hard surfaces to write on.

1. Outdoor Printable Spring Scavenger Hunt

printable spring scavenger hunt for kids


The best part about spring is the warming weather. I grew up in Wisconsin and every year I looked forward to spring because it meant warmer days were finally close and the long winter was finally coming to an end.

Once spring arrives, I am ready to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather which is why I created this printable spring scavenger hunt to do with my kids. They love nature walks and collecting anything and everything they see outside so I thought this would be perfect for us to take along with us on our stroll.

Once you have your printable scavenger hunt go for a walk around the neighborhood. See if you can find all the items together. It might be fun to bring along a magnifying glass like this one to see some of the items up close like ants, ladybugs or moss.

If your family is competitive and would rather make it a competition, then split up into teams and see who can complete the scavenger hunt first. You may want to bring along a phone or camera to take pictures of the items as proof when you find them.

spring scavenger hunt preschool


It can also be fun to create your own scavenger hunt as a family. Either get out a blank piece of paper or print off copies of my outdoor printable spring scavenger hunt above and fill it out.

Make sure to let everyone contribute ideas to add to your list. If you are looking to add a fun twist then attach points to the items giving more points for harder to find items. For example, a flower could be 1 point whereas a garage sale sign could be 5 points.

2. Rainy Day Printable Spring Scavenger Hunt

free spring scavenger hunt printable


While spring means warmer weather, it also means a lot of rain. You know the saying “April showers bring May flowers.” This printable spring scavenger hunt is perfect for those gloomy, rainy days that your family is stuck indoors.

Work together as a family, break up into teams or each do it individually. Then, see what team/who can find every item on the list the fastest. You could also set a timer for everyone to meet back and see who has the most items checked off their list.

If you don’t think you have all these items in your house you can cross some off before you start or create your own indoor scavenger hunt list.

spring scavenger hunt preschool free printable


If you would like to create your own, feel free to download my blank rainy day printable spring scavenger hunt. It has 22 spots for you to add scavenger hunt items. To come up with items, sit down as a family and go around the table. Let everyone contribute a few items to add to your hunt.

Once you’ve written out your list, make a copy for everyone and enjoy the hunt! There is sure to be laughs and many memories made!

3. Five Senses Scavenger Hunt

spring nature scavenger hunt for kids printable


This spring senses scavenger hunt is especially great for toddlers and young children still learning about their senses. Print it off and keep it up on the refrigerator. Whenever you go for walks or outings in the spring, make sure to take it with you. See if your little one can smell, see, touch, taste, and hear all of the items on the list.

Your child will love completing the items and getting to check them off each time. Not only will they be having so much fun, but it will be teaching them to become more aware of their senses in the future.

For an added challenge, print off my blank template below. Have your kids try and think up their own ideas for a spring senses scavenger hunt. Then go for a walk and see if they can complete it.

spring scavenger hunt


4. Indoor Picture Scavenger Hunt

spring scavenger hunt for kids


Since I have some young kiddos who are unable to read yet, I created this picture scavenger hunt. It’s great because they can visualize each item and don’t need someone to read them off.

If you also have young kiddos or toddlers who can’t read yet but love scavenger hunts, feel free to download this indoor picture scavenger hunt for them.

If you have kids of all ages have your older kiddos complete the rainy day scavenger hunt and your younger kids this picture hunt. The rainy day scavenger hunt does have a few more items than the picture hunt making it a little more difficult for your older ones.

5. Outdoor Picture Spring Scavenger Hunt

spring scavenger hunt printable


Just like the indoor picture scavenger hunt, this outdoor one is great for non-readers. Print it off and grab a clipboard and writing utensil. Then go for a nature walk and see if your kiddos can spot all the items along your walk.

Let them check off the items as they find them!


Spring is a great season to get outdoors and scavenger hunts are a fun way to do that as a family. There is a hunt for any day of the season whether it be an outdoor nature scavenger hunt for those warm, sunny days or an indoor one for the gloomy, rainy days.

Let your kids do these spring scavenger hunts when they are bored or add them to your family night ideas, they are sure to be fun for the whole family.

Which scavenger hunt are you most excited about? If your family ends up filling out one of my blank scavenger hunts I would love to hear what items you add to your list!

This Post Was All About The Best Printable Spring Scavenger Hunt.

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