15 Perfect Christmas Eve Box Ideas The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Are you looking for some Christmas Eve box ideas? These 15 items are sure to be loved by the whole family.  Family traditions are so…

Are you looking for some Christmas Eve box ideas? These 15 items are sure to be loved by the whole family. 

christmas eve box ideas

Family traditions are so fun and if you’re anything like me you want to create traditions your kids will enjoy and look forward to.  As a mom to three kids (and two dogs), I am giving you the Christmas Eve box ideas my family and I love.

You are going to learn all about fun family items to include such as Christmas movies your family can watch together to matching Christmas Pajamas and more.

After learning about these Christmas Eve box ideas you are sure to create a box perfect for the whole family.

This post is all about Christmas Eve box ideas for a fun, family tradition.

Best Christmas Eve Box Ideas

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1. Matching Family Pajamas

The Children’s Place Matching Christmas Pajamas

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Burt’s Bees Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

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Wearing matching Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve is such a fun family tradition. My kids are still at the stage where they love matching each other but i’m sure as they get older they may no longer want to participate in this tradition.

I’m holding out hope and crossing my fingers they will love this tradition just as much as me, even as they get older.

If you plan to add these to your box I highly recommend getting them as soon as possible. Trust me, you want to get them at least a month in advance because the closer you get to Christmas the more likely it is you will not be able to get all the sizes you need in the same style.

I made this mistake a few years back by waiting too long and there were not ANY style of Christmas pajamas left that had all the sizes I needed and I looked everywhere. It was so frustrating.

Needless to say, that year one of my children ended up having to wear jammies that were a size or two too big, but hey, at least they fit for a long time.

Where to Get Matching Pajamas

You can get matching jammies at a lot of different stores like Target, Amazon, Kohls, and Old Navy or my new favorite place Little Sleepies. They are definitely more expensive through Little Sleepies, however, they are seriously the softest things on the planet.

christmas eve box ideas for babies

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Not to mention, their stretchy material allows them to fit for so much longer than regular pajamas. My young kids, who I swear grow out of clothes every six months, are still wearing the first Little Sleepies jammies I bought them nearly two years ago!

2. Christmas Book

christmas eve box ideas teenagers

If you have little ones then adding a Christmas Eve book is the perfect addition to your Christmas Eve box. If your kids are like mine they love being read stories before bed so what better way to end the night than with a Christmas Eve book.

There are so many different Christmas books to choose from but here are a few of our family’s Christmas Eve favorites:

Olaf’s Night Before Christmas

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The Spirit of Christmas

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If you are looking for even more Christmas books then check out my post 49 Best Christmas Books For Kids You Need To Read Aloud This Year

3. Family Board Game

christmas eve box ideas kids

Does your family enjoy playing games together? Put a fun Christmas game in your box like Christmas Bingo or Christmas-opoly that you can pull out every year.

If you would rather get something that gets more use, try adding a new game that you could add to your family’s game night rotation such as Family Charades, Clue, or It’s In The Bag.

Christmas Bingo Game

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Family Charades Game

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4. Christmas Movie

christmas eve box ideas kids diy

Does your family love movie nights just as much as ours does? If so, add a Christmas movie to your box and have yourselves a magical movie night.

Put on your matching pajamas and snuggle up to watch a classic Christmas movie together on Christmas Eve.

You could also save the movie to watch on Christmas Day. Our family is typically up very early and ends up lounging in pajamas the entire day, making it the perfect day for movie watching.

Here are a few Christmas classics your family will love:

The Santa Clause Movie

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The Grinch Movie

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5. Snacks

christmas eve box ideas for adults

If you put a movie in your Christmas Eve box add a snack or two to go along with it. Popcorn and mini candy boxes like Raisenettes or Cookie Dough Bites make a great movie night snack.

Cookie Dough Bites

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If you have some microwavable popcorn you could throw a few bags in your Christmas Eve box. My family loves cooking popcorn seeds over the stove and then using various seasonings so everyone can create their own flavor.

Plus, if you are a pet owner like myself, add a couple pet treats to make your box special for the WHOLE family!

Blue Buffalo Dog Treats

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6. Ornaments

Pokemon Ornament

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New House Ornament

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Get each family member an ornament for the year. Try picking something that represents them in the current year. Are they into a certain TV show? Do they love a specific sport? Did they start learning to play an instrument?

Last Christmas, one of our daughters was into ALL things Pokemon so we got her a Pokemon ornament whereas one of our other daughter’s loved Paw Patrol so she got a Marshall one.

There are ornaments for just about everything. This is a great way for your kids to get ornaments of their own so when they become adults they will have ornaments to hang on their own tree.

Don’t forget to write your child’s name and the year on the bottom of their ornament!

If you would rather, you could also just do one family ornament in the Christmas Eve box. Did your family take a trip this past year? Did you get a new puppy? Move to a new home or state?

Ornaments are a fun way to remember these events every year when they get pulled out and hung on the tree so make sure to hang your ornaments together as a family.

7. Hot Cocoa

Hot Chocolate Gift Set

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There is nothing cozier than a mug of hot cocoa on a cold winter day. Hot cocoa packets or hot cocoa bombs make the perfect Christmas Eve box ideas.

Your family can enjoy them on Christmas Eve or save them for another cold winter day. Either way, it will make the perfect drink your family can enjoy together.

8. Slippers

Girls Unicorn Slippers

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Slippers like these super adorable kids ones are a very practical item, especially during the cold winter month of December. This is why they are one of the best Christmas Eve box ideas.

9. Candy Canes

Brach’s Mini Candy Cane Tub

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Candy canes are a must have Christmas time treat. Throw some classic peppermint flavored ones in or mix it up with some Sweetarts, Jolly Rancher, or Lifesavors flavored candy canes.

10. Cookie Mix Packet

christmas eve box ideas for kids

Do your kids beg to make cookies for Santa each year? If so, add a chocolate chip cookie mix packet to the box so your family can make some cookies together to leave out for Santa.

Santa Cookie & Milk Plate Set

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11. Puzzle

Pokemon 1000 Piece Puzzle

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Does your family love putting together jigsaw puzzles? Similar to board games, puzzles can be such a great activity for families to bond over.

If you have young kiddos like myself, you may have to put a couple different size puzzles in depending on their puzzle skill level. Even if you’re not working on the same puzzle, doing an activity together you are still bonding creating lasting memories.

12. Gingerbread House

christmas eve box ideas for toddlers

A gingerbread house kit is a fun family activity and would make for a perfect item to add to your Christmas Eve box. If your family prefers to make their own houses you could instead add the supplies to make the gingerbread houses instead of a pre-made kit.

The weeks leading up to Christmas are usually very busy for our family but our Christmas Day is always low key so the last few years we have saved Gingerbread houses for a Christmas Day activity.

If you’re like our family and have a relaxed Christmas Day, gingerbread houses make for a perfect addition to a Christmas Eve box.

Gingerbread House Kit

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13. Socks

Try adding some fun Christmas socks or fuzzy warm ones to keep your family’s feet warm this winter.

Festive Socks

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14. Blanket

I am a firm believer you can never have too many blankets so why not add a new blanket to keep in your family room. You could also add some fleece fabric for everyone to make an easy no sew tie blanket of their own.

Christmas Fleece Blanket

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Buffalo Plaid No-Sew Fleece Kit

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15. Craft Kit

Add the supplies to make a Christmas craft that the whole family can do together like this super cool ornament decorating kit!

Here are a few other fun craft ideas your family will enjoy:

  • Snow globes
  • Ornaments
  • Paper snowflakes
  • Wood snowman
  • Teracotta pots
  • Mini Christmas wreaths
  • Santa stones
  • Decorative mason jars
  • Christmas plates
  • Sock Gnomes

Christmas Ornament Decorating Kit

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This post was all about the best Christmas Eve box ideas you have got to try.

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