66 Insanely Fun Christmas Would You Rather Cards – Free Printable

Looking for Christmas would you rather cards to play over the holidays? This is the best Christmas game every family needs to play. Christmas is…

Looking for Christmas would you rather cards to play over the holidays? This is the best Christmas game every family needs to play.christmas would you rather

Christmas is a time when families gather together and if you’re anything like me you want to make this time with your family fun and memorable. One way to enjoy the holidays is with a family game.

As a mom to three kids who love games, I have created and am giving you a Christmas Would You Rather game to bring a little laughter to your holiday gathering.

This game consists of cards that have two scenarios. Everyone gets to decide which of the two scenarios they would rather have. There are no age requirements or wrong answers. It is just a fun way to spark conversation, as well as laughter.

This post is all about Christmas Would You Rather Cards

Christmas Would You Rather

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How to Play Christmas Would You Rather

There are many different ways to play this fun Christmas game. Here are two different ways you and your family can play.

christmas did you know

Option 1- All Answer

The first way to play is to have someone draw a card and then read aloud the two scenarios. After they have read the card out loud then have everyone choose their answer. This is great for after your Christmas dinner while everyone is finished eating but still gathered around the table.

If you are a teacher, then this Christmas would you rather game is perfect for the classroom. This game could be a great way to get the kids up and moving and not to mention laughing hysterically.

In order for you to play in the classroom and get the kids moving, I recommend designating one side of the classroom to option 1 and the opposite side of the classroom to option 2.

Then, read the question to the class and start some music. After about 5-10 seconds, pause the music and have the kids all go to the side of the room that their answer corresponds with.

After each question have the kiddos all go back to the middle of the room before moving on to the next card.

Option 2- Majority Wins!

Another option to play is majority wins. In order to play this way, you’ll need to give everyone a piece of paper and writing utensil. Then, read the question out loud and have each person write their answer.

Once you’ve gone through all the questions then go back through and have everyone tell their answer. Figure out which answer was the majority for each question and then give a point to each person that answered the majority. Whoever has the most points at the end, wins!

When to Play Would You Rather

Here are some great times to play this fun Christmas game!

  • In the vehicle while traveling for the holidays
  • At your holiday family gathering
  • At a Christmas party
  • In the classroom at school
  • While looking at Christmas lights


The only supplies you need are a printer, printer paper, scissors and this free printable. While it is not necessary, it can be helpful to laminate these Christmas would you rather cards, especially if you are a teacher and plan to use them again in the future.

If you want to laminate the cards then you’ll also need laminating sheets like these and a laminator.

Christmas Would You Rather Questions

christmas edition would you rather
  1. Work at a retail store on Black Friday or work at the mall wrapping presents on Christmas Eve?
  2. Have the Grinch’s dog Max for a pet or have Santa’s reindeer Comet for a pet?
  3. Star in a Christmas Hallmark movie or release your own Christmas album?
  4. Have to sing Jingle Bells every time someone said “Merry Christmas” or have to say “Ho Ho Ho” every time you walked into a room?
  5. Be the champion of a cookie eating contest or be the champion of a gingerbread house building competition?
  6. Get run over by a reindeer or have the Christmas tree fall on top of you?
  7. Have your family accidentally forget you at home for Christmas or get your tongue stuck to a metal pole?
  8. Grow a beard like Santa or have a heart two sizes too small like the Grinch?
  9. Never be able to eat Christmas cookies again or have to drink eggnog everyday?
  10. Listen to the same Christmas song on repeat for the entire month of December or be in charge of picking up reindeer poop the day after Christmas?
  11. Smell like a pine tree or smell like peppermint?
  12. Be the Whoville holiday Cheermeister or be Santa Claus for the day?
  13. Own a toy store or own a Christmas tree farm?
  14. Be an elf that makes Christmas toys or be a reindeer that flies Santa’s sleigh?
  15. Get a knitted sweater from Mrs. Weasley for Christmas or get a Turbo man action figure for Christmas?
  16. Eat a stale gingerbread house or eat a plate full of Buddy the Elf’s spaghetti?
  17. Draw your boss’s name in a gift exchange or draw your mother-in law’s name in a gift exchange?
  18. Have your hands covered in sticky candy cane or have your hands covered in melted chocolate?
  19. Win a Christmas cookie baking contest or win the neighborhood Christmas light display?
  20. Spend Christmas at the North Pole or spend Christmas in Whoville?
  21. Have a 75 degree and sunny Christmas or have a white Christmas?
  22. Ride on Santa’s sleigh or ride the Polar Express?
  23. Have a beard like Santa or have ears like an elf?
  24. Get socks for Christmas or get a toothbrush for Christmas?
  25. Wrap 100 Christmas presents or write 100 Christmas cards?
  26. Play in the snow or watch Christmas movies inside?
  27. Eat your cereal with eggnog or take a bath in a tub full of hot cocoa?
  28. Have a real Christmas tree or have a fake Christmas tree?
  29. Stay up late on Christmas Eve or get up early on Christmas morning?
  30. Receive one big gift for Christmas or receive many small gifts for Christmas?
  31. Go on vacation for Christmas or stay home for Christmas?
  32. Spend Christmas all alone or spend Christmas with a bunch of strangers?
  33. Not be able to speak on Christmas or not get any presents on Christmas?
  34. Get a tattoo of the Grinch or get a tattoo of Santa?
  35. Not celebrate Christmas this year or not celebrate your birthday this year?
  36. Take down the Christmas tree or untangle Christmas lights?
  37. Wear matching Christmas pajamas with your family or wear matching ugly sweaters with your family?
  38. Only be able to listen to Christmas songs or only be able to watch Christmas movies?
  39. Live in a Gingerbread house or live in a snow globe?
  40. Spend Christmas in NYC or spend Christmas at Disney World?
  41. Go Christmas caroling or be in a Christmas parade?
  42. Be in a white elephant gift exchange or be in a secret Santa gift exchange?
  43. Be best friends with Cindy Lou Who or best friends with Buddy the Elf?
  44. Be surprised with your presents or pick out your presents?
  45. Never have a Christmas tree or keep Christmas decorations up all year long?
  46. Decorate Christmas cookies or decorate a gingerbread house?
  47. Attend a cookie exchange party or go to an ugly sweater party?
  48. Cook the Christmas dinner or clean up after Christmas dinner?
  49. Have a conversation with Santa or feed Santa’s reindeer?
  50. Have all your food taste like candy canes or have to say Merry Christmas before you talked?
  51. Be sick on Christmas or have to work (or go to school) on Christmas?
  52. Watch the Home Alone movies or watch the Santa Claus movies?
  53. Assemble all the Christmas toys or wrap all the Christmas presents?
  54. Spend 10 hours Christmas shopping or spend 10 hours watching Christmas movies?
  55. Have the Grinch steal all of your Christmas presents and decorations or get coal for Christmas?
  56. Have your snowman come to life or have your gingerbread cookie come to life?
  57. Go for a sleigh ride or drive around looking at Christmas lights?
  58. Have a large Christmas gathering or have a small Christmas gathering?
  59. Get stuck in a chimney or have Scrooge for a boss?
  60. Find money in your stocking or find candy in your stocking?
  61. Meet Frosty the Snowman or meet the Grinch?
  62. Wear a Christmas tree skirt as a real skirt or wear a wreath as a necklace?
  63. Eat Christmas cookies with Santa or get all of the items on your Christmas list?
  64. Write all of your Christmas cards or make all of your Christmas gifts?
  65. Have your birthday fall on Christmas or have your birthday fall on Halloween?
  66. Spend Christmas at the airport or spend Christmas at the hospital for a non-serious illness/injury?

After Playing

The last page of the free printable has blank would you rather cards for you to create your own. I recommend printing out multiple copies of this page. Then, after playing this game have everyone fill out a blank card(s) so you have new questions for next year!

christmas would you rather pdf

Printable Christmas Would You Rather Cards

Here are the Christmas would you rather cards. Feel free to download and print them off below or pin this post for later!

christmas would you rather printable


I hope you and your family have a blast playing this fun Christmas game. I’d love to hear all about it!

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This Post Was All About Christmas Would You Rather Questions.

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