How To Create An Epic Family Time Capsule Your Future Self Will Thank You For

Do you want to create a family time capsule to preserve your family’s memories? These free printables will help you build a memorable keepsake your…

Do you want to create a family time capsule to preserve your family’s memories? These free printables will help you build a memorable keepsake your future self will love. 

family time capsule

Kids grow up way too fast and if you are anything like me, you want to preserve these precious years while you still can. As a mama to three young children, I am giving you the best tips and free printables to help you create a family time capsule you will one day cherish.

You are going to learn all about the items to include like family photos, artwork, newspaper clippings, receipts and more!

After learning how to create a family time capsule you are going to be so prepared to make an unforgettable keepsake for your own family.

This post is all about how to create a family time capsule your family will look forward to opening years from now. 

Family Time Capsule

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Step 1 : Where Will You Store Your Time Capsule?

Before starting your family time capsule you will want to decide where you plan to store it. You could bury it in your backyard, store it in the attic or keep it in a closet inside the house. The location you choose will determine the type of container you will need.

While burying it in the backyard sounds the most fun, this route does run the risk of a damaged capsule by the time you go to dig it up due to the weathering over time. Not to mention you could end up moving and then forgetting your capsule, which would be a huge bummer.

Personally, I think keeping the capsule in a latched storage tote in the attic or basement is best because it is out of sight and not tempting anyone to peek. It also wont be damaged from weathering, rodents, or bugs.

Wherever you decide just make sure it is a place where the capsule wont be disturbed for quite some time.

new years time capsule

Step 2 : What container will you use?

The type of container you use really depends on where you plan to store it. If you do decide to bury it and dig it up in the future you are going to need a waterproof container with a very tight seal such as this stainless steal container.

If you plan to just store it in a closet or the attic, I find these paper mache boxes work wonderful. These boxes come in all different shapes and sizes so you’d just have to find one that will fit the things you plan to include.

family time capsule kit

If you have a Michaels near you, they typically have a large variety of these boxes in stock. I like to get ones that are bigger than 8.5×11 so that regular sheets of paper will fit without folding.

What I love most about these boxes is that they are so easy to decorate. You could use some modge podge and cover the box with newspaper articles or family pictures or paint and decorate it however you’d like, the possibilities are endless.

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Step 3 : What items should you include?

Now that you’ve found a container to use and established a spot to store it, it is time to work on the items that will go inside.

1. About Me Page

Have everyone in the family fill out a page about themselves. You can include things like age, height, favorite foods, books, shows, etc. If you would like, you can download my free printable about me page below.

Make sure to print one off for everyone in the family to fill out. I even included a spot for a wallet sized picture to go. It will be fun to look back on how much everyone has changed when you reopen your family time capsule in the future.

family time capsule ideas


2. Letter to Myself

time capsule first birthday

Get out a sheet of paper or download my printable below and have everyone write a letter to their future self. Give advice, make predictions, or state your hopes and dreams.

When you are finished let everyone seal their letters up in an envelope and write their name on the outside of it. How fun will it be to read your letter in 5, 10 or more years from now?

time capsule ideas for kids


3. Family Memories

what to put in a family time capsule

Did your family have some fun memories this past year? Did you take any trips, move to a new house, get a pet, have a family snowball fight? Go around the table and let everyone tell their favorite family memory from that year.

Make sure to document them either on a blank sheet of paper or by downloading my printable below.

On my family memories printable there is room to attach a family photo along with the memory. Print off as many family memory sheets as you would like so that you can document all of your family’s wonderful memories.

Trust me, you will enjoy reflecting on these memories years down the road.

time capsule ideas


4. Current Events

This is a fun one to research as a family and document. Find the local prices for many everyday items such as milk, bread, gas, stamps etc. Write down some recent events that have happened in the world and look up the current world population.

Save your next grocery and gas receipts and include those in your family time capsule. You can also pick up a newspaper and magazine to save as well. These will have current events, prices of houses on the market, fashion trends and more that will be cool to look back on and compare in the future.

family time capsule printables


5. Toys

Let your kids put in some small toys or trinkets such as a Pokemon card, a shell found at the beach, or even a handmade bracelet. If there is a story behind any of the items make sure to write it out and include it with the item.

family time capsule questions

6. Arts and Crafts

If you are anything like me, you have endless stacks of artwork your children have made. Add some of that artwork to your family time capsule. Don’t forget to write the name of your child and the year on the back.

new years eve family time capsule

7. Photographs

Pick out your favorite pictures from the past year and print them all off to include in your capsule. Whether it be your children’s school pictures, sports pictures, or even photos from your family’s trip to the beach, you can never include too many photographs. It will be a great walk down memory lane when you re-open your time capsule.

9. House

Many people move or renovate their homes during the course of their life so document what your house is like currently. You can either have everyone sketch a picture of your house or the layout of their room or you could take a family photo outside in front of your house.

If you do end up moving or renovating, reopening the time capsule and seeing the house you lived in will bring back a flood of memories that your family made in that house.

10. Future predictions

What will life be like 5 years from now? What about 10? Make some personal predictions or predictions about the world. How fun will it be to see if any of your predictions come true?

time capsule


Now that you’ve gathered your items, place them all in your time capsule container. You can always laminate your child’s artwork and put your papers, receipts, and newspaper in sheet protectors like these for a little extra protection.

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Step 4 : When will you re-open the time capsule?

Once you’ve placed all of your items into the time capsule decide when you will re-open your family’s capsule. This is completely up to your family on how long you’d like to wait.

You could do 5 years, 10 years or maybe when your oldest graduates high school. Whatever date you decide on just make sure to write it on the outside of the box so you don’t forget and so no one feels tempted to peek early.

It will be such an exciting, memorable experience when your family finally reopens your time capsule.

Another fun twist would be to make the family time capsule a New Years tradition. Instead of making one time capsule and waiting many years to open it again, you could each year spend time as a family adding to the time capsule.

What a fun way to reflect on your family’s memories as well as looking at your growth from the year prior.

how to make a family time capsule


If you and your family decide to make a family time capsule, let me know how it turns out. I would love to hear about it!

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This Post Was All About How To Make An Awesome Family Time Capsule

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