47 Awesome Family Night Ideas Every Family Needs To Try

Looking for family night ideas to bond with your kids? These are the best activities every family needs to try. Family bonding is extremely important…

Looking for family night ideas to bond with your kids? These are the best activities every family needs to try.

family night ideas

Family bonding is extremely important and if you’re anything like me you want to create a strong connection with your children. As a mom of three myself, I am giving you the best family night ideas my family and I swear by.

You are going to learn all about bonding activities from movie night and rock painting to ice cream sundae bar and more.

After learning about these family night ideas you are sure to find an activity your whole family will enjoy.

This post is all about the best family night ideas every family needs to try. 

Best Family Night Ideas

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1. Board Games

best games for family night

Board game night is so much fun for all ages. The hardest part can be deciding which game to play.

If you have children of all different ages and deciding on a game is difficult, I highly recommend Guess in 10.

We have the Animal Planet and Junior Food pictured above, but they have so many different versions of this game.  While the age recommendation is 6-99, our toddler does just fine with it and it’s one of her favorites!

Skillmatics Guess in 10

Buy On Amazon

Skillmatics Guess in 10 Junior

Buy On Amazon

Family game night is a sure way to conversations, laughs, and so many memories!

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2. Scavenger Hunt

Family night ideas with toddlers

Make a list of items you can find around the neighborhood (leaves, flowers, rocks, clovers, something green etc.) or print off an online scavenger hunt.

You can either try and find them all as one team or if your family is more competitive like mine, you can break up into teams and see who can get back with all of the items the fastest.

At the end, it is so much fun seeing the treasures everyone finds!

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3. Puzzles

family night ideas near me

Depending on the age of your kids you can either work on one large puzzle as a family or each work on individual puzzles. Even if you’re working on individual puzzles, being around one another is sure to spark conversation.

Here are some great family puzzles to try:

Pokemon 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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Marvel 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Buy On Amazon

4. Arts & Crafts

100 family fun night ideas

Bring out anything and all things crafty. Markers, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, paper, tape, glue, sequins, pom poms, beads, pipecleaners, popsicle sticks, you name it.

You can even go through your recycling bin and pick out items that could be used.

Lay it all out on the table and get to work. You are sure to create some beautiful artwork.

Don’t forget to take a family picture with all your stunning masterpieces!

5. Dance Party

family night idea

Before getting the dance party started, make a playlist everyone will enjoy. Let each person pick out a few of their favorite songs that they want to hear.

Now, crank that music and get moving!

6. Card Games

family night ideas for schools

There are SO many card games out there, giving you plenty of options depending on the ages of your kiddos. Here are a few card game recommendations for different age groups.

<6 years-old: Go Fish, Old Maid, Crazy 8’s

I highly recommend getting some card holders like these if you have kids in this age group. It can be extremely difficult and frustrating for them trying to hold and see all the cards in their hands and these make it so much easier!

6-8 years-old: Skip-Bo, Uno Attack, Rat-a-tat-cat

8+ years-old: Cribbage, Euchre, Rummy

Hands Free Card Holders

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Buy On Amazon

7. Magic Tricks

Pick up a magic trick set or watch some Youtube videos to learn some new magic tricks as a family.

You could each learn your own and then show and practice on each other or you could all learn some together. Either way will be a fun way to bond!

National Geographic Magic Kit

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8. Garden

family fun night ideas at home

Plant a tree, some flowers, or grow vegetables in a pot.

Gardening will give you all something you can work together on taking care of.  It also gives valuable life skills everyone can benefit from.

9. Mini Pizzas

family night gift basket ideas

This one is so much fun and delicious, it has turned into a weekly event at our house.

Make some pizza dough (or store bought), and let everyone roll out their own crust, deciding how thin or thick they want it.

Next, set out all the toppings in bowls and let everyone make their own pizzas! It’s sure to be a hit.

10. Science Experiments

family literacy night activities

Let the kids check out a science experiment book from the library. Then, pick out an experiment and make a list of the supplies need.

They also make science kits like this one, that have the experiments and supplies needed all-in-one.

Not only does everyone have fun with these but they are also a great learning activity!

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National Geographic Chemistry Set

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Awesome Science Experiments for Kids

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11. Ice Cream Sundaes

You can never go wrong with ice cream!

Either head to your favorite ice cream spot or get out some bowls, spoons, ice cream and ALL the toppings! Let everyone make their sundaes and this is sure to be a hit!

12. Rock Painting

You can either pick up a beginners rock kit like this one  that has rocks and painting supplies included or you can just go outside and find some smooth rocks suitable for painting (our favorite).

If you find your own rocks you’ll need acrylic paint. We use these acrylic paint pens  because they are easy for toddlers to use and they can be used again in the fall for pumpkins!

When your rocks are finished and dried, hide them around your neighborhood for other people to find. It is sure to brighten someone’s day!

Creativity Rock Painting Kit

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Caliart Acrylic Paint Set

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13. Walk

family night

Get outside and take a walk. Something about the fresh air and exercise gets everybody talking.

While you’re out don’t forget to look for rocks to paint on your next rock painting night or hide ones from your previous!

14. Charades

family night ideas during covid

Charades is perfect for all ages and is sure to bring on loads of laughter.

There are so many different versions of this game. We have the three pictured above, which are all toddler friendly and have pictures so reading is not necessary to play.

If you have young kiddos and they’ve never played, it may be helpful to adjust the rules starting out. Allowing them to talk and give clues until they get the hang of it can be really helpful as they learn.

For an additional layer of fun, make a home video of the family playing. It is sure to bring on lots of laughter in the future!

Charades For Kids

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Family Charades

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15. Murals

See if you have any murals in your city or nearby. Then go visit them and take pictures in front of the beautiful artwork.  This is a great way to get out and further explore the area you live.

16. Legos

family night dinner ideas

Block building is enjoyable for everyone because they make sets for any age. Our one year-old uses these mega blocks, while our toddler plays with these building bricks.

Again, you don’t have to be working on the same project to bond. You can each do your own, while still engaging in meaningful conversation.

17. Play-Doh

family night ideas for preschoolers

If you think Play-Doh is just for kids then think again. Modeling clay can bring out the inner child and creativity in anyone. Recently, Play-Doh launched a grown-ups scent version (that I have yet to try)revealing even adults can enjoy this activity. 

Play-Doh Sparkle Collection

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Play-Doh Grown Up Scents

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18. Video Game

family night ideas with toddlers at home

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If you have a video game console find a game everyone can participate in. Mario Kart on the Switch is always a hit in our house.

Nintendo Switch

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

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19. Mindfulness/Yoga

With the pressures of everyday life, mindfulness is such an important skill kids and parents alike can benefit from.

Create a mindfulness jar, take a meditation walk, find a family yoga video, or start gratitude journals. These are some great family night ideas that will help everyone focus on the present and relax the mind and body.

20. Glow in the Dark Tag

Gets some glow in the dark sticks and shut off all the lights or wait until dark and head outside. This is sure to get the hearts pumping and adrenaline racing as you chase each other.

Glow Sticks

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21. Build a Fort

preschool family night ideas

Nugget couches are perfect for fort building, but if you don’t have these you can literally make a fort out of anything.

Grab a couple kitchen table chairs and a bedsheet. Once you’ve made the fort, play a card game, read a book, or just talk. Its all about enjoying each others’ company.

22. Cooking/Baking

family night games

There are so many ways to enjoy this night. Find a new recipe to make as a family, team up and compete against each other, or if you’re feeling up for a challenge make your own recipe.

Regardless of which one you choose, there is sure to be laughs and so much conversation had in the kitchen.

If you make your own recipe, don’t forget to write down what you use in case it turns out amazing!

23. Bike Ride

A family bike ride can be a great way to get outdoors and spend a nice summer evening with the family.

24. Be an Author

fun family night ideas adults

Target sells awesome blank books in their dollar spot section around the start of the school year so I like to stock up then. You can also find ones like these on Amazon.

If you don’t want to buy any you can always make your own out of some printer paper.  Get out some pencils, crayons, and markers and let everyone make a story.

At the end of the night make sure to go around and read your creative tales.

Don’t forget to sign and date your books.

Colorful Blank Books

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25. Paint

family night ideas quarantine

For paint night, the supplies you’ll need are paint brushes, paint, and paper/canvases. While definitely not necessary, we recently got these fun paint tray palettes, which made everyone feel a little more like an artist.

Mr. Pen Paint Tray Palettes

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Artlicious Canvases for Painting

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When it comes to paint, I usually cringe thinking about the mess that will be made having 3 little kids, but this washable paint is seriously so easy to clean off.

For the painting surfaces, I like to pick up canvases like these because I like to date and save the artwork, but you can also just use heavyweight paper.

If you have a baby or very young toddler, I recommend squeezing some paint droplets onto a small canvas and sticking the canvas inside a gallon ziplock bag.

They can squish the paint down making a beautiful picture like the rest of you, while also ensuring they don’t eat the paint. Win, Win!

26. Sidewalk Chalk

Time to bring out your inner child and artistic skills. Get out that chalk and make your driveway a giant canvas!

It will be so cool to see each family members’ contribution to the masterpiece.

Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk

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27. Bowling

Looking to get out of the house for family night? Head to the bowling alley for a night of fun for all ages!

28. Reading

family night ideas with teenagers

If you have young kids, you can read children’s books to them. My kids love when my husband and I read the book together, each taking on a different character.

If your children are older, you can all find a comfy spot in the living room and read your own book. Then later in the evening, go around and talk a little bit about the book you were reading.

You could also make it like a book club and have everyone read the same book sometime over the course of the month. Once everyone is finished, you could do a family reading night where you spend it discussing the book you all read.

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29. Surprise Adventure

family fun night ideas kids

Take a surprise adventure and don’t tell the kids where you are headed.

Depending on where we go, often times this becomes a family day rather than night, but it could be either one.

Take a trip to the beach, zoo, hiking trails, or even explore a different city. It doesn’t have to be an extravagent trip, the suspense of not knowing enhances the fun!

30. Water Fight

This is the perfect way for everyone to cool off after a hot summer day.

I’m talking water balloons, squirt guns, water blasters, splash balls, sponges, buckets of water, the garden hose, any and ALL things water.

Family night ideas like this are sure to be a blast!

Max Liquidator Water Blaster Set

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Splash Water Balls

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31. Bonfire

There is just something cozy about a bonfire on a summer or fall night. Conversations are bound to happen when you are all sitting and relaxing around the fire.

Make it even more special with s’mores and pudgy pies!

32. Karaoke

Time to let loose! Look up some Youtube karaoke videos or download a karaoke app and start singing.

If this night is a hit you can get a karaoke machine or karaoke microphone for added fun the next time!

Croove Karaoke Machine

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Kidz Bop Karaoke Microphone

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33. Geocaching

traditions to start with baby

Geocaching is a perfect family night idea for all ages. It is like an outdoor treasure hunt.

Download one of the Geocaching apps and it will show you nearby caches (treasures). Follow the clues it provides and see if you can find the hidden treasure.

Once you’ve located the cache make sure to sign the logbook and put it back so other families can enjoy the hunt too!

34. Park/Playground

family fun night

Head to the park as family. You could bring food and make it a picnic, balls to practice sports, or find a new playground you guys have never been to.

The kids will love being at the park with the whole family!

35. Visit a relative

Sometimes with our busy schedules we don’t make enough time to visit grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins. Family night is a great time to see that relative you haven’t seen in awhile.

If you don’t live close, then make it a FaceTime/Skype night (thank goodness for technology)!

36. Emergency Plans

family time ideas

Does your family have any emergency plans in place?

  • What would everyone do if there were a fire?
  • Do you have an emergency meeting spot?
  • Is there a disaster supplies bin setup in your home?
  • Emergency car kit?

These really are important things every family should be practicing, adjusting and maintaining so make sure to add this one to your family night ideas.

37. Paper Airplanes

family bonding activities

Get out some paper, crayons, markers, scissors, etc.  Let everyone make and decorate a paper airplane.

Then, have a contest to see whose goes the furthest or whose is the most decorative!

38. Hike

family fun ideas

If you have any dogs, this is a perfect one to include your furry friends. Find a close hiking trail and get outside. The sunshine and exercise puts everyone in a great mood.

39. Obstacle Course

Let everyone help set up an obstacle course indoors or out.

You can race by timing each person or see how long it takes the whole family to complete the course and then work on beating your time.

40. STEM Activity

family night ideas for church

Check out a STEM activity book from the library or find some online. There are so many different STEM activities or challenges you can do that not only get the family learning, but also laughing.

The spaghetti marshmallow tower is always a fun, simple STEM challenge. Get some mini marshmallows and spaghetti noodles and see who can build the tallest and/or strongest tower.

Science Experiments for Kids

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Bitsbox – Coding Program

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41. Kickball

family night ideas kids

All you need is a kickball for this family night idea. No need for actual bases just designate a tree, bush, or big rock as the base.

It doesn’t need to be perfect to be fun.

42. Special Family Dinner

Make a special family dinner. This could be a fancy dinner or a kids cook night.

If you choose a fancy dinner let everyone get dressed up, light candles and bring out those fancy plates collecting dust.

On a kids cook night (mama’s favorite), let the kids be the waiters and chefs. Let them create a menu of food they are able to cook and take everyone’s order. This is sure to be a hit!

43. Movie

idea family night

Change into pajamas and get the living room movie night ready. I’m talking blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, squishmallows, nugget couches, ANYTHING soft and comfy.

Want to make it even more fun? Print off some movie tickets and make some fun movie night snacks.

Let the kids each have a special job. One can hand out popcorn, another collecting movie tickets, anything to make the night extra memorable.

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44. Cornhole

ideas family night

Cornhole is the perfect backyard, summertime activity. The best part about this bean bag toss game is literally anyone can play. Even our 1 year-old loves putting the bags into the board hole.

If you also have small children, just have them throw the bags from a closer distance and it is sure to be a fun time.

If your family is at all competitive like mine, you may want to download the official game rules  at the American Cornhole Association to have handy if when disputes arise.

NFL Pro Football Cornhole

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GoSports Cornhole Bean Bags

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45. Scrapbook

Take any pictures on your last adventure? Scrapbook it!

Get out any scrapbooking supplies you have and let everyone design their own page. You are sure to have a well documented trip!

You could also make a family night scrapbook, adding pictures from the family night ideas you’ve done. This would be a wonderful way to capture all the beautiful moments and memories your family is spending together.

46. Library

family night out

Take a trip to the library. Going to the library as a family not only encourages your kiddos to read but it can be fun for everyone. If you have littles it’s a perfect time to pick out bedtime books for the week.

47. Time Capsule

what to do on family night

How fun is this? Put together a box of little trinkets, notes, pictures, etc. and bury it for either you as a family to dig up again or for someone else to find.

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Make sure to include the date created and the date to be opened.

family night ideas


Download this free printable above and then cut out each of the family night ideas you want to try. You can also write your own family night ideas on the blank ones included in the printable.

Fold the family night ideas and place them in a jar. You can each take turns drawing the family night idea for the week.

I recommend drawing a few days before your designated family night so you have time to pick up any supplies you may need. It also gives everyone something to look forward to!

This post was all about the best family night ideas that will help strengthen your family bonds. 

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