Free Printable Battleship Game – Road Trip Edition

If your kids enjoy the board game Battleship, you’ll want to check out this printable battleship game. This is one of the best printable travel…

If your kids enjoy the board game Battleship, you’ll want to check out this printable battleship game. This is one of the best printable travel games to pack for a road trip with kids.

printable battleship

Are you preparing for an upcoming road trip and looking for activities your kids can do in the car? If you’re anything like me you’re trying to stock up on plenty of road trip activities to keep the kids busy during the drive.

As a mom to three young kids, I know just how important it is to bring along screen-free activities that will keep our kids entertained. Before our yearly cross-country road trip, I decided to create (and share with you) a printable battleship game for kids (and adults).

On this printable, you’re hiding different vehicles instead of hiding and finding ships.

Your kids will love playing this battleship printable game so make sure you print multiple copies because they may want to play it repeatedly!

This post is all about a battleship printable game.

Printable Battleship

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  • Printer
  • Printer Paper
  • Printable Battleship
  • Writing Utensil
  • Clipboard


At the bottom of this post download and print the printable battleship game. You’ll need one copy of the game for each player. However, I highly recommend making multiple copies so the game can be played more than once!

You will also need a writing utensil for each player, and a clipboard like this or something else hard to write against.

Lastly, pack the game for your next family road trip!


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How To Play

This printable battleship game is played just like the Battleship board game. First, each player will secretly “hide” their vehicles on the grid where it says My Vehicles. Similarly to the board game, each vehicle has a different number of squares.

As you can see in the photo below, the semi-truck is five squares and marked with an S. The garbage truck is four squares and marked with a G. The taxi is three squares and labeled with a T. Lastly, the motorcycle is two squares and marked with an M.

printable battleship game

Once both players have hidden their vehicles they begin to go back and forth guessing coordinates trying to find their opponents vehicles.

For example, Player 1 could guess the coordinate E4. If Player 2 does not have a vehicle hidden at that coordinate, they would say “no” or “miss.” Then, Player 1 would mark an X on that coordinate under Opponent’s Vehicles.

However, if Player 2 does have a vehicle at that coordinate, then they would say “yes” or “hit”. Player 1 would then draw a circle or fill in a dot at that coordination so they know a vehicle is hidden there.

Next, it would be Player 2’s turn to guess a coordinate.

Once a player has correctly “hit” all of the coordinates of one vehicle, the other player tells them which vehicle they have found so they can mark it off on the side of Opponent’s Vehicles

Play continues going back and forth until one player finds all the opponent’s vehicles. This is the winner!

printable battleship games

Battleship Printable

Here is the free battleship game for you to download and print. I highly recommend making multiple copies to keep your kids entertained for hours! You can also pin this post to save it for future use such as before your next family road trip!

printable battleship board

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I hope you and your kids enjoy this fun road trip game! I’d love to hear how it goes.

This Post Was All About A Printable Battleship Game

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