FREE Printable Movie Night Tickets For Your Next Family Movie Night

Are you looking for some movie night tickets to add a little excitement to your next family movie night? Look no further with these free…

Are you looking for some movie night tickets to add a little excitement to your next family movie night? Look no further with these free printable tickets that’ll sure to be a hit with your kids. 

movie night tickets

Sometimes going to the movie theater as a family isn’t feasible whether it’s the high cost or having little kids who cannot make it through an entire movie. Whatever the reason, you can still enjoy movie nights as a family at home. 

Having three littles myself, the idea of taking them all to the theater sounds daunting and I can’t justify the cost knowing we probably won’t make it half way through the movie. This is why we bring the theater experience to our house.

One way we’ve done that is with printable movie night tickets that I have created and am sharing with you. Movie night tickets have become one of my kids’ favorite parts of our family movie night (right behind the snacks of course). They love giving out the movie night tickets and collecting them right before the start of the movie. 

With this printable, it is sure to add a little excitement to your next family movie night.

This post is all about printable movie night tickets.

Movie Night Tickets

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  • Printer
  • Printer Paper 8.5×11
  • Laminator
  • Laminator Sleeves
  • Scissors


Download and print off the movie night ticket printable found below. There are four tickets per page so depending on how many people you have in your family you may need to print more than one sheet.

Although laminating is not a necessity to use these movie tickets, I highly recommend it if you want to be able to reuse them in the future. If you don’t plan to laminate just cut out the individual tickets to use.

If you do want to laminate you’ll need to put the printable inside laminator sheets like these. Then, slide the laminator sheet through your laminator.

movie night ticket ideas

If you are looking for a basic laminator, I can’t recommend this Amazon Basics 9 inch Laminator enough. When I bought this laminator I just chose the cheapest one I could find because I didn’t need anything fancy.

I wasn’t sure how the quality would be because it was cheap but I have had it for five years now and have used it for SO many things and have not had any issues with it. 

movie night ticket printable

Amazon Basics Laminator

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Laminating Sheets

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Once your movie night tickets are laminated then cut each individual ticket out. On your next family movie night distribute the tickets to everyone.

movie night ticket clipart

For some added fun, have your kids get creative with a cardboard box and make a ticket booth where they can hand out or collect the movie tickets.

Printable Movie Night Tickets

Here is the movie night ticket printable for you to download and print!

movie night ticket


I hope this movie night printable adds a little more excitement to your next family movie night. 

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