Best Book Tracker Bookmark For Kids

Looking for a book tracker bookmark? These bookmarks are a fun way to motivate kids to read while also allowing them to track their progress….

Looking for a book tracker bookmark? These bookmarks are a fun way to motivate kids to read while also allowing them to track their progress.

book tracker bookmark

Reading is such an important skill and as parents we can encourage our kids to read and strengthen these reading skills. One way to encourage our kids to keep reading is by having them set reading goals.

As a parent myself, I created and am sharing with you a book tracker bookmark for kids to track their reading progress and motivate them to keep up with it. 

With a book tracker bookmark your kids get to color in a book on the page marker each time they finish reading a story. This is a great visual for kids to track the progress they’ve made toward their reading goals.

When your kids have finished coloring in each book on their bookmark they will feel so accomplished and have a beautiful page marker to showcase their achievement.

This post is all about a book tracker bookmark for kids

Best Book Tracker Bookmark

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  • Printer
  • 8.5 x 11 Printer Paper
  • Scissors
  • Colored Pencils
  • Laminator/Laminating Sheets (Optional)


First, have your child come up with a reading goal. Make sure there goal is customized to them. In order for your child to grow a love for reading this needs to be a positive experience. For that to happen their goal needs to be challenging but not unattainable.

I have made bookmarks with goals ranging from 5 books to 50 books so they can choose one that best suits them. 

Once you’ve decided on a bookmark, download and print it out. Cut out the individual bookmark and give it to your child. They can use it to mark their page as they read and work toward their goal. Every time they finish a book they get to color in one of the books on their bookmark.

When your child has colored in the last book on their bookmark I highly recommend laminating it for them. This will make it more durable and keep it from getting bent and ruined over time, serving as a great reminder of their hard work and awesome achievement. 

Afterwards, let them set a new goal and print out another blank book tracker bookmark to keep on with their reading. 


book tracker template

Laminating the bookmark when your child has completed it will make it more durable and last longer. 

In order to laminate you will need a laminator like this and laminating pouches. Then, place the bookmark inside the laminating pouch and let it slide through your laminator.

When it comes out, cut out the laminated bookmark and give it back to your child! Let them use it as a bookmark as they work toward their next reading goal. 

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Reading Tracker Bookmark

book tracker bookshelf log

Here is the book tracker bookmark. I have made four different bookmarks each with a different reading goal. There is a bookmark for a 5 book goal, 12 book goal, 27 book goal, and 48 book goal. You can download and print these off below. 

book tracker


Bookshelf Book Tracker Bookmark

book tracker bookmark printable free

This is the bookshelf book tracker bookmark I have made. There are two versions for a 50 book goal and two versions for a 25 book goal. Feel free to download and print these off below. 

book tracker printable


This Post Was All About A Book Tracker Bookmark For Kids.

I hope you and your kids love these bookmarks. Happy Reading Friends!

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