Best Printable Summer Reading Log To Keep Kids Reading All Summer Long

Looking for a summer reading log for your kids? This reading chart is an awesome way to encourage and motivate your kids to read over…

Looking for a summer reading log for your kids? This reading chart is an awesome way to encourage and motivate your kids to read over summer break.

summer reading log

Reading is such an important life skill that has SO many benefits but also requires a lot of practice. Kids spend all school year learning and strengthening their reading skills. When summer break comes it has shown to be very beneficial for kids to keep up with their reading.

Continuing to read over summer break means your kids won’t lose the skills they had just learned the previous school year. Instead, they will further develop and strengthen those reading skills, setting them up for success their next school year.

As parents, one way we can encourage our kids to keep up with their reading over break is with a summer reading log.

My oldest daughter is very much like myself and enjoys writing lists and setting goals, which is why I made this summer reading log. Using this summer reading log, kids can set a reading goal and then document their progress toward that goal.

On this summer reading log your kids can track the date, title of the book, and the amount of minutes they read. At the end of the summer they will look back and see how much they have read and experience such a feeling of accomplishment.

This post is all about a summer reading log for kids

Best Summer Reading Log

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summer reading list

This free printable summer reading log is perfect for parents and teachers who want to encourage their kids to read over summer break.

If you are a teacher, print off a copy for each of your students. Then, give them each a reading log before they leave for summer break.

On this printable kids can track the date, title of their book, and how many minutes they spend reading. It can help if they set a goal before summer break and use the summer reading log to track their progress throughout the summer. As they fill up their reading log they will feel so accomplished.

summer reading log printable pdf


In our house we have two readers who can use the reading log above. We also have a 2 year old who wants to do everything her big sisters do. This is why I have also created a summer reading log for kids who cannot read yet.

With this printable, every time your child gets a book read to them they get to put a sticker on their chart. Toddlers and preschoolers love stickers so what better way to encourage reading.

summer reading log for kids

I use these Avery Color Coding Labels but you can pick up any 3/4 inch diameter round stickers. Then, every time they read a book give them a sticker to put on their chart. 

Avery Color Coding Labels

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Not only is this a fun way to encourage your littles to read more books with you, but also a great fine motor activity lining up the stickers.

At first, you may notice they aren’t getting the stickers in the outline. That is totally normal and the more stickers they add the better they will get at it.

You can download and print this reading log below. 

summer reading log pdf


Ways To Encourage A Love of Reading

If you are looking for more ways to foster a love of reading in your kids, here are a few more things you as a parent can do! 

  • Weekly Library Trips

    • Make it a routine to go to your local library and check out books each week. Let your kids get their own library card and check out their books. Getting to choose books they are interested in will mean they will be more likely to want to read it.
  • Library Reading Program

    • While you are at your library, see if they have any summer reading programs. Many libraries offer reading programs your kids can sign up for that have incentives and prizes for reading over break. If your kids are competitive at all this may be the motivation they need to want to open up that book and read over the summer.
  • New Books

    • You could get your kids some new books to kick off summer break. Maybe a new series to read or a book they’ve already read but really liked. 
  • Set Goals

  • Read Each Day

    • Designate time each day for reading. I know summer can be a busy time for many families but reading can be done anywhere. This makes it much easier to fit in your kid’s day. Headed to the beach? Have your kids pick out a few books to read on the way there. They get some reading time in and also have something to do during the drive. 
  • Set an Example and Read Yourself

    • Kids are more likely to read themselves if they see their role models reading. Check out some books at the library for yourself and read with them. When you have designated reading time make sure you also pull out your book and read.
summer reading log free printable

I hope you and your kids enjoy your summer break and happy reading!

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