7 Unforgettable Last Day of School Traditions Your Kids Will Love

Are you looking to start some last day of school traditions with your child to make their last day of school extra special? Look no…

Are you looking to start some last day of school traditions with your child to make their last day of school extra special? Look no further with these 7 unforgettable traditions you and your child will love.


It’s hard to believe another school year has almost come to an end. These years really do fly by. When my oldest daughter started kindergarten I wanted to do something special to celebrate all of her hard work and also document some important things that had happened that year. For this reason, we started some last day of school traditions we ended up loving. 

These tried and true last day of school traditions, that I am now sharing with you are a mix of celebrating your little one’s well-deserved summer break and also preserving the stage your child is in. These traditions range from going out for ice cream to doing a last day of school interview to document the year from their perspective. 

After reading about these traditions you’ll want to start some of these with your own children and make their last day one to remember.

This post is all about last day of school traditions to start with your kids.

Last Day Of School Traditions

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1. Take Your Child’s Picture

This last day of school tradition is pretty simple. Once your child is all ready to leave for their last day of school, take their picture! You can even have them hold a last day of school sign like this one. 

It can be fun to compare their first day of school picture to their last day of school picture. Even though this tradition is simple, it is a great way to document how much they have changed over the course of one year.

I honestly could not believe how much older my daughter looked from her first day of Kindergarten picture to her last. In just 9 months she went from looking like my little baby to a child. Yes, I may have shed a few tears that day.

First and Last Day of School Sign

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2. Oh, The Places You’ll Go Book Tradition

first day of school traditions

I LOVE this tradition so much. This tradition however is one your child won’t actually know about until they graduate. How it works is you buy the book Oh, The Places You’ll Go! by Dr.Seuss. If you have more than one child, you’ll want one of these books for each of your children. 

Then, at the end of each year have your child(ren)’s teacher write a message to them anywhere in this book. When your child graduates high school give them the book.

Let them read all of the positive messages their teachers have written to them over the years. It will make such a great graduation gift.

You could also have their coaches or club leaders write them messages in the book too.  

last day of school

Last year, I reached out to my daughter’s teacher about a week before the end of the school year. The end of the year can be hectic so I wanted her to have enough time to write something.

I then just put the book in a bag in my daughter’s backpack and asked my daughter to give the bag to her teacher. Her teacher then put the book back in my daughter’s backpack when she was finished writing a message.

As my daughter gets a little older I might have to start dropping it off and picking it up at the school so she doesn’t see it, but I can probably get away with this method for another year or two.

last day of school ideas

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

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3. Last Day of School Interview

last day of school interview for kids

A last day of school interview is a fun way to document the school year from their perspective. Little keepsakes like these are my favorite for two reasons.

First, kids say the cutest things. Second, it allows you the opportunity to take a trip back down memory lane and remember all the things your child was at that age. 

To do a last day of school interview, ask your child questions like what they learned this last year, their favorite subject, what they are most looking forward to this summer or what they want to be when they grow up.

Write their answers down to document it. Make sure you include the date and grade your child is in.

You could also download and print off one of my free printable last day of school interviews below. If your child cannot read yet, you’ll need to read the questions off to them.

Then, let them write down their answers (you can always translate their answers on the back if needed). Letting them write out their answers is great because it can be fun to watch their penmanship improve over the years.

On this printable there is a spot to put a wallet sized picture. This would be the perfect spot to put their last day of school picture you took or one of their school pictures from this past year.

I like to order prints from Shutterfly and their wallet size is slightly bigger than other places so the box on the printable is 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches to accommodate those prints.

Once your child has answered all of the questions and you’ve attached a photo, I highly recommend laminating the last day of school interview. Laminating will preserve the document for years to come. 

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Instead of laminating, you could also stick the printable in a protective sleeve and then place them in a 3 ring binder.

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Here is the last day of school interview. There is a rainbow, pastel rainbow and black & white option to choose from. Feel free to download and use whichever one you’d like.

I recommend printing off enough for each year of school your child has left so that you have them all and will remember to do them each year. 

Last Day of School Interview – Rainbow Option

last day of school traditions for kids


Last Day of School Interview – Pastel Rainbow Option

last day of school traditions families


Last Day of School Interview – Black and White Option

fun last day of school traditions


4. Hang a Sign

Decorate and hang a sign up for your child to see when they get home from their last day of school.

Last year, my two youngest daughters (4 and 1 years old) helped me decorate and make a “Hooray For Summer” sign while my oldest was at school. We made the large sign using easel paper and markers and hung it up along with streamers for my oldest to see when she got home. 

She had such a huge smile on when she walked in the door so we will definitely be doing that one again this year.

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5. Go Out For Ice Cream

last day of school traditions for families

This one is definitely a favorite amongst the last day of school traditions. After you pick up your child from school, take them to your local ice cream shop for a yummy celebratory treat.

Depending on your family’s schedule, you could also wait and go as a family after dinner! It is sure to be a hit by the entire family. 

6. Summer Fun Basket

Create a summer fun basket with summer essentials and/or toys to give to your child when they get home from their last day of school. You could pick up a large sand bucket for the beach and use it as the basket to hold the summer items.

Then, fill it with some summer essentials such as a new swimsuit, sunscreen, or a beach towel. You could also throw in some fun toys they’ll enjoy playing with such as water blasters and sidewalk chalk.

If you are looking for more ideas or items to include in a summer fun basket i’ve created a list below. 

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7. Create a Summer Bucket List

ideas for the first day of school

After the last day of school, have your kids come up with a list of things they want to do this summer. Write out all the activities and then put it up on the refrigerator.

This is a great way to look forward to summer while also encouraging you and your kids to do all the fun things and make the most of their summer break.

If you are looking for a blank bucket list template or a summer bucket list for families make sure to check out my post below. It has a free printable summer bucket template as well as a bucket list with family-friendly activities.

I encourage you and your family to see how many of the items you can complete this summer. You are sure to create so many memories both you and your kids will cherish for years to come.

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This Post Was All About Last Day Of School Traditions To Start

Which of these last day of school traditions are you planning to try with your kid(s)? I would love to hear all about it!

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