How To Create A Travel Journal Your Kids Can Keep Forever

Family trips are a great way to bond together and what better way for your kids to document your family’s fun than with a travel…

travel journal

Family trips are a great way to bond together and what better way for your kids to document your family’s fun than with a travel journal.

A travel journal lets your child be creative and document the memories that they want to remember forever. The best part about a DIY travel journal is that they can add to it for many years and make it exactly how they want.

In this post, you are going to learn all about how to start a travel journal for kids and get free printable journal templates to start it!

With these travel journal templates your child will get to document where their adventure was, the things they saw, their favorite part and more!

Over time, this travel journal will become a cherished keepsake your child will be so thankful they started.

This post is all about how to create a travel journal for kids.

Travel Journal

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  • Printer
  • Printer Paper
  • Printable Journal Pages
  • 3 Ring Binder With Clear View Cover
  • Page Protectors
  • Writing Utensil
  • Photos From Your Trip (Optional)


To start a kids travel journal you’ll need a 3 ring binder with a front cover view pocket like this. I recommend starting with just a 1 inch binder to keep it small and simple.

Avery View 3 Ring Binder

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Eventually, your child could fill up the 1 inch binder. That is okay though because with this DIY travel binder it is super simple to size up binders and transfer everything over if you need to. 

To go with the binder, you will also need page protectors like these for all the completed printables your child fills out. These will help preserve those special memories for years to come. 

Sheet Protectors 8.5 x 11

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Next, you’ll want to print off the travel journal printable at the bottom of the page. On the first page of the printable, have your child write their name.

Then, slide this page into the front cover of the three ring binder. Make sure when buying a binder you get one that has a clear front pocket like this because not all binders have this front sleeve. 

The remaining four printable pages are different travel templates that your child can choose from. I recommend printing off multiple copies of each page so you have them for future adventures.

After you have your journal pages printed, slide them each into a page protector and put them in the 3 ring binder. Now, your child’s travel journal is all set and ready for their next adventure!

Journal Cover Page

travel journal templates

Journal Template 1

This is the first template option your child can use to document their trip. At the top of this page there is a spot to put the place they went as well as the date.

This journal template focuses on the five senses. Your child will write about the things they saw, sounds they heard, foods they ate, and things they smelt.

On this template they can also document what the weather was like and what their favorite part was. There is also a small box to either paste a photo or draw a picture from the trip. 

travel journal prompts

Journal Template 2

On the second journal template your child can document the place, date, who they traveled with, where they stayed, how they got there, the weather, and the things they did.

Because this template doesn’t include their favorite memory, it pairs really well with the next template. 

travel journal ideas

Journal Template 3

This third travel journal page focuses on their favorite memory. There are lines to write as well as a spot to draw or paste a picture. 

travel journal for kids

Journal Template 4

The last journal template is just a blank page where your child can attach any special photos from their trip. 

a travel journal

Travel Journal Printable

Here is the travel journal bundle for you to download and print. Feel free to print off as many copies as you would like for your child to create an awesome travel journal. You can also pin this post so that you can easily print off more in the future!

travel journal for kids


Happy Travels!

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