130 Daily Positive Affirmations To Build A Child’s Self-Confidence

Daily positive affirmations are an incredibly powerful tool kids (and adults) can use to build confidence. If you are like me, you are trying to…

Daily positive affirmations are an incredibly powerful tool kids (and adults) can use to build confidence.

daily positive affirmations

If you are like me, you are trying to raise strong, confident children who believe in themselves and know their worth. As a mom to three girls, I am giving you the best daily positive affirmations that we use.

You are going to learn all about positive affirmations from “I never give up” and “I can do hard things” to “I forgive myself for my mistakes” and more.

After reading about daily positive affirmations you are going to be so excited to start doing these with your kids.

This post is all about Daily Positive Affirmations

Daily Positive Affirmations

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positive daily affirmations for success

What are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are positive statements or phrases that you recite out loud about yourself. Positive affirmation examples would be “I can handle anything that comes my way” or “My mistakes help me learn and grow”.

By saying positive things you can motivate yourself, build your confidence as well as your self-esteem.

Why Do Positive Affirmations With Kids?

Young kids are very impressionable whether it be negative or positive things they are hearing. By having kids do daily positive affirmations you are helping them overpower any negative self-talk and building their confidence.

A couple of years ago I started doing daily positive affirmations with my children. I say roughly 5-10 positive affirmations that my kids repeat after me. It has become part of our morning routine.

One of the positive affirmations I would often times say is “I can do hard things.”

I didn’t realize the impact of our daily affirmations until one day when I was at the park with my two-year-old. She was climbing a piece of equipment meant for the bigger kids and I asked her if she would like help. My daughter replied “No Mommy, I can do hard things” and continued to climb to the top all by herself.

It was eye-opening to see how powerful daily affirmations could be and watch my toddler use an affirmation to motivate and believe in herself.

How To Do Daily Positive Affirmations

There are many ways to do daily positive affirmations with kids. One way to do them is by saying a positive affirmation out loud and having your child repeat it after you.

This is the way I do it with my children each morning before school. I choose 5-10 daily affirmations and have them repeat each one back to me.

I find it helpful to do it this way because I can customize the affirmation for each of my daughters based on what they may be going through at that time.

Another way to do daily positive affirmations is by taping up positive affirmation cards throughout the house and having your kids say them out loud as they come across them such as by their toothbrush, towel, dresser, etc. You could even put them in their lunch box as a reminder when they are at school.

A third way to do daily affirmations is by putting affirmation cards in a jar and having your child draw one out every morning and then saying it out loud 3x.

*When doing these daily positive affirmations with your kids make sure you also do them yourself. Not only are they beneficial for you but your kids are hearing you talk positively about yourself.

What To Do When Your Kids Don’t Want To Do Their Daily Positive Affirmations?

There are days when my kids are just not in the mood to do daily positive affirmations. When this happens, I still do the affirmations with them.

I will say the affirmation out loud like normal and give a pause to have them repeat it. If they do not repeat the affirmation after me, I then repeat the affirmation for them but replace the word “I” with their name.

Regardless, of whether your child says the positive affirmation, they still hear the positive statements about themselves. They also hear that you believe these great things about them which can be impactful as well.

How Can Teachers Use Positive Affirmations?

If you are a teacher, then doing daily positive affirmations with your students can be a great addition to your morning routine. Make a positive affirmation wall and then fill it with positive affirmation cards (check out my free printable below). Then, each day have your students choose an affirmation card to share out loud with the class.

Positive Affirmation List

Here is the list of positive affirmations that kids, teens, and adults can say out loud to themselves to help build their confidence.

Part 1

daily positive affirmations quotes

1. I am brave

2. I am strong

3. I can do hard things

4. I never give up

5. I am kind

6. I am worthy

7. I am loved

8. I am creative

9. I am caring

10. I believe in myself

11. I am helpful

12. I am smart

13. I am going to make today a great one

14. I make the world a better place

15. I am honest

16. My ideas are important

17. I am enough

18. I am proud of myself

19. I can get through anything

20. I am valuable

21. I am perfect just the way I am

22. I am unique

23. I am a good friend

24. I am resilient

25. I am trustworthy

26. I am patient and understanding

Part 2

daily positive affirmations for women

27. I have a great memory

28. I am extraordinary

29. I am a hard worker

30. I am confident

31. I am funny

32. I am not afraid to ask for help

33. I am curious

34. I am not alone

35. I am an active listener

36. It is okay to make mistakes

37. I am a leader

38. I do my best

39. I forgive myself for my mistakes

40. I learn from my mistakes

41. I can achieve anything

42. My feelings matter

43. I am beautiful

44. I have a great imagination

45. I love myself

46. I am grateful

47. I am important

48. I am courageous

49. I am respectful

50. I do the right thing

51. I control my own happiness

52. I stand up for what I believe

Part 3

daily positive affirmations printable

53. Every day is a fresh start

54. When I fall I get back up

55. I can change the world

56. Today I will spread positivity

57. I am a great sister/brother

58. I am learning and growing at my own pace

59. I am surrounded by love and support

60. I am a good student

61. I can solve problems

62. I am special in my own way

63. I am a great teammate

64. My voice matters

65. I am thoughtful and considerate of other people’s feelings

66. I lend a hand to those in need

67. It’s okay to not know everything

68. I deserve happiness

69. I can do things without being asked

70. I have what it takes

71. Not everything goes according to plan and that is okay

72. My feelings are real

73. I include others

74. I am generous

75. My brain is powerful

76. Whatever I do, I do my best

77. I will challenge myself

78. I support and lift others up

Part 4

daily positive affirmations short

79. I spread kindness

80. I trust myself to make good decisions

81. Today, I will look at the bright side of things

82. I will do my best today

83. There is no one else in this world who is exactly like me

84. I am going to have a great day

85. Challenges make me stronger

86. The world is a better place with me in it

87. I am talented

88. I am determined

89. I am resourceful

90. I am fun to be with

91. I am adventurous

92. I won’t let my fears hold me back

93. I can handle anything that comes my way

94. My dreams are achievable

95. I am ready for today

96. I can learn anything

97. Nothing is impossible for me

98. My success is up to me

99. My mistakes help me learn and grow

100. I am human and we all make mistakes

101. Today I’m going to shine

102. I choose to think positively

103. I treat others with respect

104. I am a problem solver who finds solutions

Part 5

daily positive affirmations background

105. I am a good sport, win or lose

106. I am open to new ideas

107. I am artistic

108. I have a heart of gold

109. Nothing can stop me

110. I set a great example for others

111. I am someone people look up to

112. I can accomplish anything I set my mind to

113. I am clever

114. I make great observations

115. I love the person I am becoming

116. I don’t compare myself to others because we all are unique

117. The things that make me different are the things that make me ME

118. I have so much to offer

119. I belong

120. It’s okay to have hard days

121. I am allowed to take up space

122. I treat myself with kindness

123. I have big dreams

124. I do not need to change for anyone

125. I am capable

126. I am powerful

127. I am forgiving

128. There is no limit to my potential

129. I am motivated

130. I am grateful for the good things in my life

After you’ve gone through these daily positive affirmations try coming up with your own unique daily affirmations.

Positive Affirmations Printable Poster

positive affirmations

I created these positive affirmation signs that you can print and frame to hang in your child’s room or classroom. There are a few different designs and sizes to choose from.

For my kids’ rooms, I used the 16×20 size and printed them using Shutterfly. On the Shutterfly website, I went to Large Format Prints and clicked on the 16×20 size.

Then, I uploaded the 16×20 positive affirmation printable. You’ll have the option of glossy, matte, or cardstock. I ordered the cardstock but you could also print using either of the other two options.

Once you have your positive daily affirmation sign printed then place it in a frame like this. Hang it in a place your child will see often such as in their bedroom or bathroom.

daily positive affirmations for kids
positive affirmations
daily positive affirmations for students
daily positive affirmations printable
powerful daily affirmations
short positive affirmations
daily positive thoughts
daily positive affirmations for teachers
positive affirmations for teens

Positive Affirmation Cards

Here are the positive affirmation cards for you to download and print. To use these affirmation cards, first cut each individual card out. Then you can either tape them up around the house or place them in a jar and draw one out every day.

It can be helpful, especially if you’re a teacher, to laminate the daily positive affirmation cards. This way, you can use them over and over again and not have to reprint them in the future!

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daily affirmations for kids

I hope you loved these daily positive affirmations. Let me know if you have any other great affirmations for kids!

This Post Was All About Daily Positive Affirmations

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