24 Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt Clues – Free Printable

Are you looking for scavenger hunt clues to make an awesome Valentine’s Day treasure hunt for your kids? Look no further, these are the best…

Are you looking for scavenger hunt clues to make an awesome Valentine’s Day treasure hunt for your kids? Look no further, these are the best clue cards for an epic Valentine’s Day hunt.

valentine's day treasure hunt

My kids LOVE treasure hunts and I love how much they work together when they do one. I’ve created an Easter and Christmas treasure hunt in the past and they’ve been huge hits with my kids. This is why I created this fun Valentine’s Day treasure hunt.

The clues on this hunt are fairly simple so even your toddlers can play! Each clue leads your kids to an indoor item found in most households such as a freezer, hamper, picture frame and more!

Your kids are sure to have a blast following these Valentine’s Day treasure hunt clues to a fun Valentine’s Day treat!

This post is all about a Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt.

Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt

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  • Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt Printable
  • Printer
  • Printer Paper (8.5×11)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Valentine’s Day Gift/Prize
  • Ribbon (Optional)


valentines scavenger hunt

The first step is to download the free printable treasure hunt clues at the bottom of this post. Then, cut out each individual clue.

To make things easier for yourself, it can be helpful to number them on the back as you cut them out. The order goes top left, top right, then down continuing to go left to right.

The only ones that really need to go in specific order are the first two otherwise they can go in whatever order you choose.

Numbering is also helpful for your kids so they can ensure they’ve found the right card because some cards may be in the same room.

After you have numbered all of the clues, set aside the first one. This one you won’t hide. Instead, give this one to your kids to start their treasure hunt.

This next step is optional but if you’d like you can roll up the clue and tie some ribbon around it. If you choose to do this, write the number on the clue AFTER you’ve rolled and tied it so you know where to hide the clue.

Treasure Hunt Setup

To hide the clues, start with the 2nd clue. This clue will be hidden in the riddle’s location of the first clue (the couch).

Basically, whichever clue you are hiding you place it in the location from the previous clue. For example, the third clue will go in the location from the second clue, the fourth clue will go in the location from the third clue etc. You keep doing this pattern until you get to the last clue.

Some of the locations you will need to tape the clue up like on a mirror. It can be fun to use some Valentine’s Washi Tape like this. 

Valentine’s Washi Tape

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The last card says “You’ve followed the clues now isn’t that neat? Go look on your bed for your Valentine’s Day treat!” You would then place whatever gift or treat you have for your child on their bed. You’ll probably want to put it under their covers so they don’t see it when they are getting other clues in their room. 

I chose a bed as a last location so that if you have multiple children they can do the treasure hunt together but then they each can get their own gift/prize.

* To make life easier I recommend pulling up this post when you go to hide the clues. That way, you can see the location of the clues and the order listed out below.

Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt Clues

Page 1

valentine's day treasure hunt ideas
  1. It’s time for a Valentine’s treasure hunt are you up for finding clues? Your first one is hidden where you’d sit to watch the news.
    • Answer: Couch
  2. I knew you’d find the first one you’re so smart & oh so bright. Now off to find the next one by a thing you use to write.
    • Answer: Wherever you keep Pens/Pencils
  3. You make the world a much better place. Another clue is where you’d see your beautiful face.
    • Answer: Mirror
  4. I’m so very grateful for everything you do. If you look inside the fridge a clue is waiting for you.
    • Answer: Refrigerator
  5. Happy Valentine’s Day you light up my life. The clue your looking for is near a butter knife.
    • Answer: Silverware Drawer
free valentine's treasure hunt

6. Roses are red. Violets are blue. I know by the hamper you’ll find another clue.

  • Answer: Hamper

7. You make my heart happy just being with you. Your sock drawer is where you’ll find the next clue.

  • Answer: Sock Drawer

8. Your heart is so kind and loving and sweet. The next clue is under the spot you sit to eat.

  • Answer: Under Dining Room Chair

valentine's day scavenger hunt

Page 2

9. You’re a strong leader, you’re bound to do great things. Time to go to the spot you’d go when the doorbell rings.

  • Answer: Front door

10. I love you to the moon and back. Your hint is a spot you’d keep an ice pack.

  • Answer: Freezer

11. This Valentine’s hunt is fun, hold on we’re not done yet. It’s time to find a clue where a towel hangs up wet.

  • Answer: Towel Rack/Hook

12. You brighten up my day with that wonderful smile of yours. Find the next clue with the item used to clean floors.

  • Answer: Broom/Vacuum

13. You’re courageous and strong I just love that about you. If you can find the remote you might just find the next clue.

  • Answer: Remote Control
valentines scavenger hunt ideas

14. You’re an incredible person I just love you so very much. This next thing cooks food hot so careful before you touch.

  • Answer: Oven

15. You’re artistic and creative and the ideas you have are great. Find your next clue where we keep a bowl or plate.

  • Answer: Plate/Bowl Cupboard
valentines scavenger hunt clues

16. You’re a thoughtful person and it shows how much you care. Your next clue is what you use to untangle your hair.

  • Answer: Hairbrush

Page 3

valentine's day treasure hunt clues

17. I admire your determination and how you never give up. You’ll find another clue where you put a dirty cup.

  • Answer: Kitchen Sink

18. Once you find a few more clues your hard work will soon pay off. This next thing your nose uses when you’ve got the sniffles and a cough.

  • Answer: Kleenex

19. You make me so proud of all your accomplishments thus far. Now think of the item that’s used to start a car.

  • Answer: Car Keys
valentines scavenger hunt printable

20. There’s no one else like you. You’re one of a kind. If your closet is messy the next clue might be tough to find.

  • Answer: Closet

21. I knew you could do it. You’re a superstar that’s right. What is the thing you touch to turn off the kitchen light?

  • Answer: Kitchen Light Switch
printable valentines treasure hunt

22. You’re amazing, you’re awesome you’re simply the best. Time to unload the dishwasher, might I suggest.

  • Answer: Dishwasher

23. You are funny and playful and always making me laugh. Your next clue hangs up where you’d find a photograph.

  • Answer: Picture Frame
free valentine's day treasure hunt

24. You’ve followed the clues now isn’t that neat? Go look on your bed for your Valentine’s Day treat!

  • Answer: Child’s Bed

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

If you are looking for some Valentine’s Day gifts to use for this treasure hunt I’ve listed some out below.

Valentine Squishmallow

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String Art Heart Light

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Create Your Own Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt

valentine's day scavenger hunt clues

Do you want to come up with your own Valentine’s clues? Maybe you want to create a more challenging hunt or just want more clues to make this longer.

If you’d like the blank Valentine’s treasure hunt template to create your own I’ve included it on the last page of the free printable (located at the bottom of the post). Just print off as many copies and write your own clues inside each box.

If you need some additional places for your clues to lead here are a few other great options:

  • Microwave
  • Bookshelf
  • Cereal
  • Washing Machine
  • Fruit Bowl
  • Rug
  • Table
  • Stool
  • Puzzle
  • Television
  • Window
  • Blanket
  • Clock
  • Toilet Paper
  • Trash Can

FREE Printable Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt

Here are the free printable Valentine’s Day treasure hunt clues! You can either download and print it off now or pin this post for later!

Valentines Treasure Hunt


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I hope your kids have a blast doing this Valentine’s treasure hunt! I’d love to hear about it.

This Post Was All About Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt Clues.

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