Genius Tooth Fairy Note To Use BEFORE A Child Loses Their First Tooth

This Tooth Fairy note is a sure way to make the Tooth Fairy’s job SO much easier! One of the hardest jobs for the Tooth…

This Tooth Fairy note is a sure way to make the Tooth Fairy’s job SO much easier!

tooth fairy note

One of the hardest jobs for the Tooth Fairy is collecting teeth without waking up the child. Some children, like my oldest, are hard sleepers and do not wake up very easily. Other children on the other hand, like my middle child, are very light sleepers. These are the kiddos who can make it very challenging for the tooth fairy to do their job.

Trying to find and collect a tooth from under the pillow of a light sleeper and replace it with money can be a very challenging feat. To make the Tooth Fairy’s job a little easier my children got a Tooth Fairy pillow. These adorable pillows have a special spot for their tooth to go so the tooth fairy has no problem finding their tooth.

After my children received their Tooth Fairy pillow I thought it would have been perfect had a Tooth Fairy note accompanied them. This is why I created a note that the Tooth Fairy can leave along with a Tooth Fairy pillow BEFORE children’s first wiggly teeth fall out.

This post is all about a Tooth Fairy note.

Tooth Fairy Note

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Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tooth Fairy pillows like this are an adorable way to keep children’s teeth safe until the Tooth Fairy can collect them. Not to mention, they make it SO much easier for the Tooth Fairy to find their tooth under the pillow.

There are so many different options for Tooth Fairy pillows. You can find an abundance of them on Amazon and Etsy.

Tooth Fairy Pillow

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Tooth Fairy Pillow

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Once a child gets their first wiggly tooth you’ll want to get them a Tooth Fairy pillow. Then, print off the Tooth Fairy note at the bottom of this post.

Print off as many copies as you need. I highly recommend printing them on cardstock like this because it makes them look much better.

Neenah White Cardstock

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Next, cut out the Tooth Fairy note. Then, when the child is sleeping, leave them this note along with a Tooth Fairy pillow.

Trust me when I say the child will be very excited that the Tooth Fairy made them a special delivery and it will make the job of the Tooth Fairy SO much easier as the child starts losing teeth. Win, Win!

tooth fairy note free printable

Tooth Fairy Note

This is what the note reads:

My fairy senses told me your tooth will soon fall out

and in it’s place a grown up tooth will shortly up and sprout.

So when that tooth comes out at last you can put it right in here.

Then place it under your pillow or a nightstand that is near

I’ll then be back to collect your tooth sometime when you’re asleep

and in it’s place l’ll leave a surprise for you to forever keep.

Printable Tooth Fairy Note

Here is the free printable note. There are two sizes to choose from, a 5-inch x 7-inch and a mini one that is 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches. Feel free to make as many copies as you need or just save this post for future use.

tooth fairy note template

5×7 Tooth Fairy Note

tooth fairy note first tooth

Mini Note (2.5×3.5 Wallet Size)

tooth fairy note printable

Other Tooth Fairy Ideas

If you are looking for another Tooth Fairy idea check out my Tooth Fairy Certificate Post for this adorable free printable!

tooth fairy note for lost tooth

Insanely Cute Tooth Fairy Certificate – Free Printable

This Post Was All About A Tooth Fairy Note

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