Insanely Cute Tooth Fairy Certificate – Free Printable

If your child just lost their first tooth and you’re looking for a tooth fairy certificate you have come to the right spot! This free…

If your child just lost their first tooth and you’re looking for a tooth fairy certificate you have come to the right spot! This free printable document is sure to make this big day even more special.

tooth fairy certificate

It is a huge milestone when your child gets their first wiggly tooth. It is an even bigger deal when that first wiggly tooth finally comes out.

I have two children who have already started losing teeth and I can say when they both lost their first tooth it was such a magical time. They had so much excitement and could not wait to stick that tooth under their pillow and see what all this tooth fairy talk was about.

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy finding ways to make occasions like this even more special for your kids. This is why I created and am sharing with you this adorable tooth fairy certificate.

This tooth fairy certificate is a guaranteed way to put a (toothless) smile on your kiddo’s face. It also serves as a great keepsake to document this special occasion to one day look back on.

This post is all about a tooth fairy certificate.

Tooth Fairy Certificate

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The first thing you’ll need to do is download the free tooth fairy certificate at the bottom of this post. Then, using cardstock like this print it out. If you don’t have cardstock on hand, you can always use regular printer paper. However, I will say it does look much nicer on cardstock.

Neenah White Cardstock

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Next, fill in your child’s name and the date they lost their tooth onto the certificate. Then, check the box that corresponds to the quality of the tooth they lost. The last step is to let the tooth fairy deliver this certificate to your child when they are sound asleep.

Free Printable Tooth Fairy Certificate

Here is the free printable certificate from the tooth fairy for you to download and print. If your child hasn’t lost their first tooth yet, you can just pin this post to save it for future use.

Tooth Fairy certificate pdf

I hope this certificate puts a smile on your little one’s face.

This Post Was All About A Tooth Fairy Certificate

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