23 Perfect Mommy Daughter Date Ideas You Will Cherish Forever

Are you looking for mommy daughter date ideas to help you plan a special day together? These are the most perfect activities where the two…

Are you looking for mommy daughter date ideas to help you plan a special day together? These are the most perfect activities where the two of you can bond and connect more. 

mommy daughter date ideas

Raising a little girl who wants to be just like her Mama is one of the greatest feelings in the world and if you are anything like me you want to build a strong relationship with her that will persist into adulthood.

Setting aside time to connect one-on-one is so important to building that strong relationship. As a mom to three girls myself, I am sharing with you the best mommy daughter date ideas that you and your daughter are sure to love.

You will learn all about mommy daughter date ideas from coffee dates to tea parties, getting your nails done and more!

After learning about all of these bonding activities, you are going to plan the most perfect day with your daughter.

This post is all about the best mommy daughter date ideas every girl mom should know about.

Best Mommy Daughter Date Ideas

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1. Get Your Nails Done

mommy daughter dates toddler

Getting your nails done together is definitely a top mommy daughter activity. You can either visit a nail salon or do them at home.

If you choose to do them at home pull out all your nail polishes, nail polish remover, and some cotton balls. You could also pick up some fake nails if you prefer using those.

Let her pick which color(s) she would like and then paint her nails for her.

Make sure to teach her any tips or tricks you have when it comes to painting nails and let her practice on you. You two will have so much fun doing this activity together. 

2. Go Shopping

Have a fun girls day and go shopping. Let her try on outfits and pick a few favorites out to keep. You could also shop for matching mommy and me outfits.

3. Go to a Fair/ Amusement Park

An amusement park, carnival or fair could be a fun day together. Play some games and go on some rides. It is sure to be a day filled with smiles, laughs, and many memories made.

4. Coffee Date

mommy daughter dates

If you are a coffee drinker, then you will love coffee dates with your girl. Not only do you get to go to your favorite coffee shop but you get to enjoy your coffee bonding with your mini me.

The vanilla bean creme frappuccino at Starbucks does not have caffeine and is a fun treat for your girl to feel like she is having coffee with her mom.

When I took my daughter on her first coffee date she was beaming ear to ear that she was getting to drink “coffee” just like me.

5. Visit A Farmer’s Market

Visiting a farmer’s market is a fun way to spend your day together. Teach her how to pick out the best fruits and veggies.

While you are there you could even buy her some beautiful flowers. She is sure to love this mommy daughter date idea.

6. Get Your Picture Taken

mother daughter dates kids

Schedule a photoshoot to get mommy and me pictures.

Not only will it be fun to dress up and take pictures together, but you will have photos to keep forever that will help you cherish these memories for years to come.

Another great option would be to find a photo booth and take fun, silly pictures together.

7. Go to the Zoo

mommy daughter day

Zoo trips are always a great time so why not take a trip there just the two of you. Your daughter will love spending the afternoon looking at the animals and hanging out with her Mama.

8. Go to the Movies

mommy daughter date ideas toddler

Check your local movie theater to see what is playing and have your daughter pick out a movie to go see. Make the day even more special by hitting the concession stands for some popcorn, drinks or candy (or all three).

You can also have a movie night at home with just the two of you! Let her stay up past her bedtime, pop some popcorn and snuggle up watching a movie. She is sure to love that extra time with you.

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9. Go to a Play, Musical, or Show

See if there are any performances you two are interested in seeing in your area. Disney on Ice is a great choice if you have a young daughter.

10. Go Swimming

mommy daughter dates at home

Head to the beach or your local pool for a fun day in the sun.

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11. Go Rollerblading or Ice Skating

mommy daughter dates at home

Depending on what season it is, take your daughter either rollerblading or ice skating. This is a great activity you both can enjoy.

If she doesn’t know how to ice skate or rollerblade, this is a great time to teach her!

12. Cook/Bake Together

Pick out a recipe and make it together. There will be so much time for talking and connecting while you are in the kitchen making the recipe.

Make sure to take this opportunity to teach the things you know about cooking and baking. Do you have a special family recipe? Share it with her.

She will love learning all the things you know and getting to spend that special time with you.

13. Camp out in the Backyard

Pitch a tent and spend the night out under the stars. Catch lightening bugs, play card games and talk.

What a great bonding experience this will be for the both of you and a memory you will remember and cherish forever.

14. Have a Tea Party

mother daughter dates

If you have a young daughter she will love a tea party with you. Get dressed up and make some iced tea (or juice) to drink and some scones, muffins, or cookies to go along with it.

You could pick up a cute tea cup set like this one or just use whatever plates and cups you already have.

Having a tea party will definitely bring out the kid in you.

Porcelain Tea Set For Kids

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15. Go Out to Eat

Go out to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Make it even more special for your daughter by letting her choose where to go.

Eating out gives you two plenty of time to talk while you wait for and eat your food.

16. Get Ice Cream

mommy daughter dates tween

You can never go wrong with ice cream so find a local ice cream shop where the two of you can sit, talk and enjoy your ice cream together.

17. Visit Grandma

Make your day extra special by visiting grandma or inviting her along on your girls day.

18. Have a Picnic

Pack a lunch, grab a blanket and go to a nearby park together. Picnics are a great way to spend the day talking and connecting with one another.

19. Visit a Bookstore

Visit a bookstore and let her pick out a few books. Make sure to read them together when you get home!

20. Take a Class Together

Learning something new is a great way to bond so take a class together. There are so many class options such as cooking, baking, painting, pottery, zumba, yoga, and so many more.

Find one that you both will enjoy and sign up to take it together. You and your daughter will look forward to this special time you have together each week.

21. Exercise Together

mother daughter date ideas

Exercising together can be a fun date idea. My girls love coming with me on my runs and are always asking to come with when they see me lacing up my shoes.

Because they are still young and cant go the distance I go, I will do slightly less than my normal run and then come home and take each one out individually.

Even if it’s only 15 minutes, they love that special time with me.

Some other exercise activities you could try would be a bike ride, swimming, zumba, or yoga. 

22. Scrapbook Together

Print off pictures of the two of you together and start a mommy and me scrapbook.

You will both look forward to adding to the scrapbook as you continue spending more time together and making more memories.

23. Get Your Hair Done

mommy daughter date ideas at home

Go to a hair salon and get your hair cut or styled together. This is a fun one you can also do at home.

Get out a spray bottle, hair brush, hair ties, headbands, bows, clips, straightener, curling iron or any other hair supplies you may have.

Ask her how she would like her hair done and style it for her. Pass along your knowledge and teach her how to do different hair styles. If you use any hair products make sure to share with her how and why you use them.

Again, make sure to let her practice these techniques or styles on you!

This post was all about the best mommy daughter date ideas you need to know about.

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  1. I normally don’t comment on blogs but just have to say these all sound wonderful and I look forward to doing them all with my little girl. Other blog ideas didn’t compare. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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