64 Free Printable Lunch Box Notes That Will Brighten Your Kid’s Day

If you are looking for lunch box notes look no further! These FREE printable lunch notes are a great way to put a smile on…

If you are looking for lunch box notes look no further! These FREE printable lunch notes are a great way to put a smile on your child’s face when they are away at school.

Lunch Box Notes

With the new school year quickly approaching, I had been thinking about the kind of lunch box notes I could put in my children’s lunches this year.

Last year, I sent my girls with jokes (you can find that free printable here) and they loved it. This year, I created lunch box notes with sweet messages and fun play on words.

These lunch notes are a great way to connect with your kids and let them know you are thinking of them when you are not with them.

This post is all about lunch box notes.

Lunch Box Notes

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A note in your child’s lunch is a simple gesture that goes beyond the message on the paper. It gives your child a surprise message during their school day and lets them know you are thinking about them. Ultimately this can strengthen the connection you have with your child.

As our children grow up they may not remember what the lunch box notes from mom said but will remember the meaningful gesture and efforts we went through! This may lead them to pass the tradition down and send lunch notes with their children one day.


  • Printer
  • Printer Paper
  • Scissors
  • Card Protector (optional)


First, download and print off the lunch box notes at the bottom of this post. Then, cut out each individual lunch note.

Next, store them all in an envelope or baggie until you need them. I prefer to cut them all out before school starts that way they are ready for me in the morning because our mornings are pretty chaotic and this leaves me one less thing to do.

Once you’ve packed your child’s lunch, make sure to pack one of these cute lunch notes in with it.

*If you use ice packs in your child’s lunchbox, a badge holder like this can be helpful to keep the lunch box note from getting wet.

Badge Holder

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Lunch Box Notes Printable

Here are the 64 kid lunch notes for you to download and print. You can also pin this post to save for later.

*Just to note there are a few specific to the day of the week such as “Have a tee-rific Tuesday” or “Have a fan-tastic Friday” so be sure to check that before sending.

lunch box notes for kids

Handwritten Lunch Box Notes

lunch box notes for girls

If you prefer handwritten lunch notes then check out my other free printable. With these adorable lunch note templates, you can write your own sweet message to your kiddos.

I have handwritten note templates with unicorns, dinosaurs, monsters, dogs, and cats.

lunch box note ideas
lunch box notes for kindergarten

Ideas For Lunch Box Notes

Here are some lunch note ideas for the handwritten templates.

  • Jokes – Lunch jokes are always a hit with my kids. They love sharing the jokes with their classmates.
  • Riddles – Who doesn’t love solving a good riddle?!
  • Trivia – Getting a trivia question or fun fact is a great lunch note idea.
  • Draw a Picture – If you enjoy drawing, your kids would love a cute or silly picture each day.
  • Reason Why You Love Them – Let your kids know what you love about them. They will enjoy hearing these positive things.
  • Compliments – You can never go wrong with a compliment in their lunch box!

More Back To School Ideas

I hope you and your kids enjoy these lunch notes!

This Post Was All About Lunch Box Notes.

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