7 Insanely Fun Printable Fall Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Are you looking for a fun fall scavenger hunt for kids? Look no further with these seven printable scavenger hunts your whole family is sure…

Are you looking for a fun fall scavenger hunt for kids? Look no further with these seven printable scavenger hunts your whole family is sure to love. 

fall scavenger hunt for kids

Fall is such a beautiful season where the weather is just perfect to be outside. If you are anything like me you want to enjoy as much time outdoors as possible before those dreaded cold winter months arrive.

Depending on where you live the winter can mean many days cooped up indoors with the kiddos (I am from Wisconsin so I am very familiar with the struggle). Because of this, during the fall I try to spend as much time as possible outside with my kids doing things like nature walks, pumpkin patch trips, apple picking outings, farm visits, and more.

To add even more fun to these activities I have come up with fall scavenger hunts for my kids and I to do throughout the season. From an outdoor nature scavenger hunt and fall senses hunt to a pumpkin patch scavenger hunt and more, I am giving you seven fun fall scavenger hunt for kids to do this beautiful season.

These free printable fall scavenger hunt for kids aren’t just for kids though, they are so much fun for all ages and make a great family activity. Try these hunts at a family gathering or make them a part of your family night. Whichever you choose, it will be fun for everyone and sure to bring on laughs and many memories made.

This post is all about fall scavenger hunt for kids to try this season. 

Fall Scavenger Hunt For Kids

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1. Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt

fall scavenger hunt free printable


During the fall, the weather is absolutely beautiful. It is not too hot or cold which makes it a great time to get outside and enjoy the weather.

These outdoor nature scavenger hunts are the perfect activity to get the kids exploring the outdoors. Take a walk around your neighborhood and see how many of the items you all can find.

First, print off one of the free printable nature scavenger hunt above, then grab a clipboard like this and pen to write with.

If you have more than one child I highly recommend printing off more than one so they can each check off their items. There is something about getting to check off items that adds to the fun for kids.

Your kids will be so excited searching for that flock of geese, bird’s nest and feather.

If you have any, you could also bring along magnifying glasses to examine and get a better view of some of the items you find such as tree bark, pinecones, and animal tracks.

If you live in the city some of the items may be harder to find such as a tractor. You can always just replace it with a more common fall item found in the city.

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2. Indoor Fall Scavenger Hunt

fall scavenger hunt for kids printable


This indoor fall scavenger hunt for kids is the perfect activity for a cold, rainy fall day when everyone is cooped up inside.

Print off the free printable above and let the kids search the house for fall items like a book, fall decoration, hooded sweatshirt, fuzzy socks, and something pumpkin flavored.

Before they start, you could make some hot cocoa and set them in coffee cups with their names next to it. It will be a fun surprise for them to find and enjoy when they have finished their scavenger hunt.

They also will get to check off hot beverage and coffee cup from their lists.

When they are finished with the hunt, they can sit down and enjoy the apples they found as a perfect fall snack to go along with their hot cocoa.

This scavenger hunt also makes for a great family night activity. Break up into teams, set a timer and see which team can find the most items.

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3. Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt

fall scavenger hunt printable


Does your family like to go to the pumpkin patch every year? If so, this scavenger hunt is perfect for your family’s day there so make sure to add it to your family’s fall traditions.

You can either download and print off one of my free printable pumpkin patch scavenger hunt sheets from above and do this as a family or you could print a couple copies and split up into teams.

If you break up into teams just make sure each team has someone with a phone to take pictures of the items they find. Make sure to take the pictures of the items with your family members in them.

That way, you will not only be left with some great laughs and fun memories but you will also have pictures to document and remember the day by.

4. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

fall scavenger hunt for toddlers


This Halloween scavenger hunt is so much fun to do in the days leading up to Halloween. Download the free printable above and take a walk around your neighborhood as a family to see how many items you can find.

It is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather while also seeing all of the fun Halloween decorations around your neighborhood. It is also a sure way to get your kids even more excited for the holiday.

If you would like to make it a bit more spooky for your family, then pick up some glow sticks and go for a walk at night. Make sure to wear some reflective gear so that vehicles can see you.

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5. Halloween Costume Scavenger Hunt

fall scavenger hunt


If you take your kids trick-or-treating, print off this free printable Halloween costume scavenger hunt above and take it with you on Halloween night. See if your kids can spot each of these costumes while you are out. Will they be able to find all 16 costumes?

If you would rather come up with your own costumes for this scavenger hunt, then print off my blank template. Have each of your kids fill one out with the costumes they think they will see on Halloween night. Then, have everyone bring theirs along and check the costumes off as they see them.

If your kids don’t go trick-or-treating but help hand out candy at your house, they can do this scavenger hunt with the costumes that come to your door.

Who will complete their scavenger hunt first?

6. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

fall scavenger hunts for kids


A couple weeks before the holiday, try this Thanksgiving scavenger hunt with your kids. It doesn’t have to be completed at one time, instead hang it on the refrigerator and try to check off the items as they are seen in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

Can your family find all of the Thanksgiving items before the holiday arrives?

fall scavenger hunts


Scavenger hunts are great for family gatherings like ones held on Thanksgiving. This photo scavenger hunt is a fun one to do once everyone has eaten their Thanksgiving meal.

Break up into teams and print off one sheet for each team. Set a time for everyone to meet back with their scavenger hunt list.

Make sure there is at least one person with a phone in each group to take a picture of the items found. The team with the most items found when the time is up wins and has bragging rights until next year.

7. Fall Senses Scavenger Hunt

fall scavenger hunt preschool


This fall senses scavenger hunt is a fun one to do with your littles to help teach them about their senses. Keep it on the fridge and see if over the course of the fall months they can see, smell, touch, taste, and hear all of the items on the list.

Your kiddos will love getting to check off each of the items. As an added challenge, print off the blank template below and see if your kids can come up with their own ideas for this fall senses scavenger hunt.

fall scavenger hunt for kids free


There is so much to love about fall and these scavenger hunts are a great way to enjoy the season. From an outdoor nature scavenger hunt to Halloween and Thanksgiving scavenger hunts and more, there is a hunt for all times of the season.

Give them to your kids to try, do them at your Thanksgiving gathering, or add them to family night, it is sure to be fun for all.

Which scavenger hunt are you most excited to try?

This Post Was All About The Best Fall Scavenger Hunt For Kids.

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