Free Printable Easter Memory Game For Kids

Are you looking for an Easter memory game? Look no further, this is a fun Easter-themed game to play with your kids! Memory is a…

Are you looking for an Easter memory game? Look no further, this is a fun Easter-themed game to play with your kids! Easter Memory Game

Memory is a fun card game that kids of all different ages can play. Currently, my three year old LOVES playing memory so I created and am sharing with you this Easter memory game.

With this game come 18 different matches all consisting of differently designed Easter eggs. Because the different patterned eggs can be similar in color it may be challenging for younger toddlers. If you find this to be the case just take out a few matches and play with a smaller board. 

You and your kids are sure to have fun playing this Easter memory game and spending time together. 

This post is all about an Easter memory game.

Easter Memory Game

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  • Easter Memory Game Printable
  • Cardstock Paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Laminator
  • Laminating Sheets


easter matching game

The first step is to print off the Easter memory game at the bottom of the page. You will want to print off two copies (four pages total) using cardstock like this. If you don’t have cardstock no worries, you can just tape multiple sheets of paper together so you cannot see through the cards while playing.

Neenah White Cardstock

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If you have younger children I highly recommend laminating the memory cards. This way, they won’t get crumpled and ripped and you can reuse the game in the future. If you don’t have a laminator I really like my Amazon Basics.

It is a simple laminator but does the job well. I am still using the Amazon laminator I bought 5 years ago and I seriously use it ALL the time with laminating my children’s artwork, awards/certificates, keepsakes, printable games etc.

easter memory game free printable

If you do choose to laminate then stick the Easter memory game into a laminating sheet like this and run it through your laminator. After you’ve laminated all four sheets of the game, then cut out each individual card.

Amazon Basics Laminator

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Laminating Sheets

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Once you’ve cut out the 36 cards you are now ready to play.

easter memory cards

How To Play

To play this Easter memory game you’ll first need to flip over all of the cards so you cannot see the picture on them. Next, mix up the cards.

Then, arrange the cards in 6 rows of 6. The setup should look like the picture below. It doesn’t have to be 6×6 but with 36 cards this works out perfectly.

easter memory printable

If you are playing with older kids you can spread the cards out randomly and not put them in rows and columns as an added challenge.

Once the board is setup, choose someone to go first. I usually let the youngest go first and then continue play clockwise. This first player will flip over any two cards of their choosing. If the two cards match then they get to keep the pair and go again.

easter matching game free printable

If the cards they flip over are not a match then they turn the cards back over and it is the next player’s turn. Play will go until all of the cards have been matched up. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins!

easter matching

Printable Easter Egg Memory

Here is the free printable Easter memory game for you to print. Don’t forget to print off two copies of the printable so you have two of each card.easter memoryCLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS FREE PRINTABLE

This Post Was All About An Easter Memory Game

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