33 Fun Daddy Daughter Date Ideas To Strengthen Your Bond With Her

Do you want to take your child on a daddy daughter date to strengthen your bond with her? These date ideas are such a fun…

daddy daughter date

Do you want to take your child on a daddy daughter date to strengthen your bond with her? These date ideas are such a fun way to connect with your daughter.

Spending quality one-on-one time with our children is so important in building a strong relationship with them. It not only makes your child feel special getting your full attention but it allows you the chance to connect and get to know them even better.

Having three daughters myself, I know the importance of spending this one-on-one time with each of my children and the positive effects it has had.

In this post, I have put together a list of fun daddy daughter date ideas that range from fishing and camping to watching the sunrise, and more!

After reading about these daddy daughter date ideas you’ll want to try out these fun activities with your own daughter.

This post is all about daddy daughter date ideas

Daddy Daughter Date

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1. Movies

daddy daughter date idea 5 year old

Watching a movie together is a fun daddy daughter date idea. She’ll love going to the theater and watching something on the big screen.

You could also do a movie night at home. Let her stay up past her bedtime, pop some popcorn and let her pick out a movie to watch with you!

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2. Bowling

Find your local bowling alley and take your daughter. If she has never been bowling before teach her. It will be a date filled with lots of laughs.

3. Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream?! A trip to your local ice cream shop to enjoy a yummy treat is sure to be a hit.

4. Park

Another great daddy daughter date would be to find a new park to explore. If she plays a sport bring along a ball and play with her. Some of my fondest childhood memories are when my dad would take me to the softball diamond to catch for me while I pitched.

5. Video Games

Do you love video games? If so, share your passion and play video games with her. Our daughters LOVE playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch with their dad.

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6. Dinner

Take your daughter to her favorite restaurant and get dinner. You will have plenty of time to talk and bond with your daughter while you wait for your food.

7. Geocaching

This is a fun one! Get outside and go geocaching. Download a geocaching app and follow the clues to find caches (treasures) near you. Once you have found the cache, sign the logbook and put the cache back so others can find it too!

8. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun for adults and kids alike. Look online for a scavenger hunt to download and print off. Then, set out with your daughter to find all the items on your scavenger hunt.

If you are feeling creative you can create your own scavenger hunt or treasure hunt for the two of you to do together.

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9. Bike Ride

daddy daughter date ideas 6 year old

A bike ride is a great daddy daughter date. If your daughter is younger and doesn’t know how to ride yet, take this time to teach her how to ride and practice without her training wheels.

If your daughter is older and already knows how to ride, take a bike ride together. It could be fun to stop at your ice cream shop along the way.

10. Volunteer at the Animal Shelter

Does your daughter love animals? If so, check out the volunteer opportunities at your local animal shelter and sign up. Volunteering could be a fun daddy daughter date.

11. Sports Game

Get on your fan gear and take your daughter to a sports game. She will love getting to cheer on your guys’ favorite team with you.

12. Zoo Trip or Aquarium

daddy daughter date ideas toddler

A trip to the zoo or aquarium always makes for a great day spent together. Check out my Free Zoo Scavenger Hunt Post if you want to download a fun scavenger hunt to do while you are at the zoo!

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13. Camping

Pack up your outdoor supplies and go camping together. Teach her everything you know about camping such as how to pitch a tent or how to start a fire. If you don’t know much about camping then learn together.

You could also just pitch a tent in your backyard and camp out there. Have a bonfire, make s’mores and play card games in your tent. This is sure to be a great time.

14. Go out for Breakfast

Going out for breakfast is another great way to make her feel special and give the two of you time to connect.

15. Workout together

Let her workout with you. My kids love when they get to go workout with their Dad. They love doing exercises and “being strong like daddy”.

Letting them workout with you is also setting a good example of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Teach them the different exercises you do and why you do each one. If you are lifting, make sure to show them correct form.

16. Fishing

Is fishing a pastime you enjoy? Share this passion with your daughter. Show her your favorite fishing spots and teach her how to put bait on, cast her line, and take the fish off her hook.

Fishing was my absolute favorite thing to do with my dad growing up. He taught me so many things and I still cherish all of the quality time we spent together fishing.

17. Beach

daddy daughter date ideas

Enjoy some fun in the sun with a trip to the beach with your daughter.

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18. Fair or Amusement Park

Do you love roller coaster rides? Taking your daughter to an amusement park would be a fun trip the two of you could take together. Your day would be filled with games, fair food, rides, and so many laughs. This would definitely be a daddy daughter date she would remember forever.

19. Build Something

Building something together can be a fun activity with your daughter. Teach her how to use tools and give her the confidence to use them!

You can also check out Home Depot’s kid workshops. These workshops are free and held monthly.

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20. Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to get quality time with your daughter. This 2000 piece Disney puzzle would be a fun one!

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21. Game Night

daddy daughter date ideas 5 year olds

Have a game night with your daughter and play her favorite games. If you are looking for some two person game ideas here is a list of some fun ones to try.

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22. Let Her Do Your Hair

Let your daughter brush and do your hair. She will definitely love this one!

23. Watch the Sunrise

Wake up early and watch the sunrise together. It is not something she gets to see everyday and it will be a cool experience to do with her Dad. If you have a beach nearby, I highly recommend watching the sunrise from the beach. It is so beautiful.

You could even make it extra special by going and getting coffee and doughnuts afterwards.

24. Mini Golf

A round of mini golf is always a fun activity you could do to bond with your daughter.

25. Clean the Vehicle

Kids love to be helpful so ask your daughter if she wants to help you clean your vehicle. She will love getting to be dad’s helper and spending time with him.

You could also take her for a ride to go through the carwash. My kids love going through the carwash with all of the colors being thrown at the vehicle.

26. Run a 5K

Running a 5k together would be an awesome bonding experience for you and your daughter. Look for upcoming races in your local area and sign the two of you up (color runs are a fun race choice for kids).

Then, set aside time each week to train together. By race day you will have gotten to spend a lot of quality time with your daughter. Don’t be surprised if she asks to sign up for another one!

27. Rollerblading or Ice Skating

Depending on the time of year, skating could be a fun daddy daughter date idea. If it is winter take her to the ice skating rink and teach her to ice skate. In the summertime you could take her to the roller rink or head outside and roller skate together.

28. Build a Fort

daddy daughter date meaning

Get out some pillows, blankets, sheets or any fort building material you have and make an epic fort together. Once you’ve made your fort read some books together or play card games in the fort. Your daughter will love this daddy daughter time.

29. Take a Class Together

Sign up for a class the two of you can take together. There are a lot of online classes nowadays that you can sign up for and take from home. Here are some class ideas the two of you could sign up for to learn something new.

  • Coding class
  • Art class
  • Learning a New Language
  • Cooking Class
  • Fitness Class
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Learning to Play an Instrument

30. Run Errands

The time spent with your daughter doesn’t have to be an extravagant trip or outing. Let her join you with any errands you have to run. She will just enjoy getting to spend one-on-one time with her dad.

31. Rock Climbing

Check out your local area and see if you have an indoor rock climbing center nearby. If so, take your daughter for an afternoon of climbing.

32. Trampoline Park

Similarly, a day at the trampoline park would also be fun.

33. Amusement Center

An amusement center would make for an awesome daddy daughter date. You two will have so much fun racing go-kart, playing arcade games and laser tag. Your day is sure to be filled with so many laughs.

I hope you and your daughter have so much fun bonding and creating memories through one of these daddy daughter date ideas. I’d love to hear about it.

This Post Was All About Daddy Daughter Date Ideas

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