13 Actually Useful Travel Toys For Toddlers That Will Keep Your Little One Entertained During A Long Trip

If you are looking for travel toys for toddlers you’ve come to the right spot! These are the best screen-free ideas to keep your little…

If you are looking for travel toys for toddlers you’ve come to the right spot! These are the best screen-free ideas to keep your little one entertained while you travel.

travel toys for toddlers

Traveling with toddlers can feel a bit overwhelming. Trying to keep a young kiddo occupied who only wants to run around and burn energy can be such a challenge.

I am very familiar with this struggle as our family takes cross-country road trips every year.

In years past, I have tried all the fidget toys I see suggested out there and none of them really kept my child’s interest for very long. However, through trial and error, I have learned what actually keeps toddlers entertained.

On this list, you will find travel toys for toddlers ranging from a Toniebox and stickers to nesting toys and more!

After reading this you’re going to feel so much more prepared when packing travel toys for your toddler.

This post is all about travel toys for toddlers.

Travel Toys For Toddlers

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1. Audio Player For Kids

Toniebox Audio Player

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Toniebox Characters

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An audio player for toddlers is an AWESOME way to keep them occupied. Do they love reading books and listening to stories? If so, you’ll want an audio player like this Toniebox for your upcoming trip.

Both my 3 and 5-year-olds have a Toniebox that they always bring along on trips. The Toniebox audio player has characters you can buy that magnetically stick to the box and each character plays different stories and songs.

My toddler is a HUGE Paw Patrol fan so we have almost all of the Paw Patrol Tonies characters (the Liberty character is her favorite). They make so many other characters from movies and shows such as Cocomelon, Blues Clues, Daniel Tiger, Llama Llama, Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, and SO many more.

If you start to collect a bunch of characters they also make some cool travel cases to store all of the pieces. We have this case but they also make larger ones that hold both the Toniebox and the characters.

Another cool feature of a Toniebox is that it has a place to plug in headphones. This comes in real handy while traveling.

travel toys for 2 year olds

If you want another option besides the Toniebox there is also a kid audio player called a Yoto Player. This audio player uses cards instead of characters. I can’t personally speak for the Yoto player because my kids have Tonieboxes but I would have loved the create your own card feature that the Yoto player has.

Yoto Player

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Yoto Cards

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2. Nesting Toys

Learning Resource Nesting Fruit

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I don’t know what it is about nesting toys but they always keep my kids engaged and entertained. Something about opening the toy up and finding even more is very intriguing to them. Then, they get to solve the puzzle of putting the pieces all back together.

I love this Learning Resource nesting toy because it is specifically made for toddlers as young as 18 months. If you opt to get a different nesting toy you may want to exclude the innermost piece as oftentimes it is very small and a choking hazard for toddlers.

3. Crayons and Paper

travel toys for 1 year old

Some crayons and paper are another great option to keep your toddler busy while you travel.

Picking up some new crayons they’ve never used like finger crayons or egg-shaped crayons can help pique their interest even more. I like to bring plain printer paper or a small paper pad like this for my toddler to draw.

Finger Crayons

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Sketch Pad

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You can also bring along a coloring book if your child likes to color in them. I’ve just found for my kids personally, they prefer plain paper over coloring books.

Just a note, if you opt for printer paper you’ll want to bring along a clipboard or something else hard to put under their paper.

4. Board Books

Animal Sounds Treasury

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First Look and Find Book

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Board books are another great travel activity for toddlers. I pack a lot of books for our trip but to start off, I only give her a few. Then throughout the trip, I will rotate the books giving her new ones to look at to keep her entertained.

The interactive books with buttons seem to keep my daughter’s attention much longer like this animal sounds one. We have the older version of this book and it has been a hit with all three of my girls as toddlers. It has been brought on many trips over the years.

My three-year-old also really enjoys doing the First Look and Find board books like this Paw Patrol one.

5. Talking Flashcards

Bilingual Flash Cards

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How cool are these bilingual talking flashcards? Just stick a card in and it tells you the word in both English and Spanish. This is a GREAT travel toy for toddlers!

6. Stickers, Stickers, and MORE Stickers

Puppy Stickers

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Make-a-Face Sticker Pad

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Toddlers LOVE stickers so this is an important one to stock up on before your trip. I get all sorts of different types to keep my daughter occupied. So much so, that when we stop at the rest areas I’m typically having to peel off stickers my toddler has stuck to her hair, face, and arms. But hey, at least it kept her busy!

You’ll want to make sure the stickers you get are on the bigger side. Sometimes the smaller stickers can be hard for toddlers to peel off and they end up ripping leaving you with a frustrated toddler. Which I can argue is even worse than a board toddler. I like getting these square and circle ones for the exact reason of being easy to peel.

They also make those jumbo sticker books where you are supposed to stick the sticker on a certain page. However, I will note my kids never really got the concept of that and much prefer sticking them wherever. This is why I just bring plain paper and random stickers.

*A zippered pencil pouch is a great way to store stickers for a trip.

7. Lacing Toys

They make some lacing kits like this Melissa & Doug one that would be great for bringing along on your travels. However, due to the size of the pieces it is only for children 3+.

A great alternative for these lacing kits, especially if you have a younger toddler, is a Froot Loop necklace. That way, it is okay if they stick the beads (Froot Loops) in their mouth.

To prep this activity you’ll need a box of Froot Loops cereal, Scotch Tape, and string. Once you have your supplies, cut multiple pieces of string long enough for a necklace.

Elastic String

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Melissa & Doug Lacing Beads

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Once you have your strings cut, then tie one end of the string. You’ll want the knot to be larger than the Froot Loop holes. You could also just tape it down to a clipboard so the Froot Loops can’t fall off.

If you are using yarn or string that frays you will want to wrap Scotch tape around the other end of the string very tightly. This way the string won’t fray and the Froot Loops can easily slide on.

Now, portion Froot Loops into Ziploc bags and pack the supplies. When your child needs something to do give them these and they will have so much fun making (and eating) this Fruit Loop necklace.

8. Toy Figurines

Schleich Animal Figurine

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Paw Patrol Toy Figures

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Toddlers are all about pretend play which is why playing with figurines makes great travel toys for toddlers.

My youngest who is three loves playing with her Paw Patrol characters and our animal figurines. We have a lot of Terra and Schleich animal figures like this Okapi one that she loves to pretend play with.

9. Sorting Toys

Peekaboo Learning Farm

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If your toddler is anything like mine, they LOVE putting items in boxes, bags you name it. This toy is perfect for that. It is a cute open-ended toy that is great for toddlers who are still learning their animal and color recognition.

10. Toddler Camera


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A digital camera like this one is a fun travel toy for toddlers. Give one to them before the trip and let them take pictures. The best part is getting to go through all of the pictures afterward and seeing the world through their perspective. You can also print off some of their pictures for them to keep.

11. Take-Along Tabletop

Melissa & Doug Wooden Railroad

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This Melissa & Doug wooden take-along tabletop is the perfect travel toy for toddlers. It is wonderful for packing because it not only latches shut but also has a carrying handle.

12. Magnets

Melissa & Doug Animal Magnets

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Melissa & Doug Magnetic Paw Patrol

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Magnets and a cookie sheet can be a fun travel activity for your toddler.

When looking for magnets make sure to check the age recommendation so they aren’t a choking hazard for your little one.

These Melissa & Doug animal magnets are a great option for toddlers 2+. If your toddler is 3+ then I highly recommend dress-up character magnets. They make so many different versions and have been a huge hit with all three of my kids.

travel toys for 3 year old

13. STEM Toy

Learning Resources 1-2-3 Build It!

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This Learning Resource Build It toy is one of the best travel toys for toddlers. It is an awesome STEM toy for our littles that will help build fine motor skills. There are so many different ways to build the robot that it can keep them entertained for a long time. It is sure to be a hit!

travel toys for kids

This Post Was All About Travel Toys For Toddlers

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