Free Printable Summer Scavenger Hunt For Kids of All Ages

This summer scavenger hunt is the perfect family activity. It is not only a great way to bond together as a family but also an…

summer scavenger hunt

This summer scavenger hunt is the perfect family activity. It is not only a great way to bond together as a family but also an excuse to get outside and enjoy some sunshine.

Scavenger hunts are such a fun game for not only kids but adults too. Being suitable for all ages makes them the perfect family bonding activity. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers it can be something you all enjoy.

Having three kids who love scavenger hunts, I am always coming up with new hunts for us to do. With summer quickly approaching I have made and am sharing with you this summer scavenger hunt printable. 

Whether you work together to find all the items or break into teams, your family will have a blast searching for summer items like a bicycle, grill, sidewalk chalk art and more.

After you’ve completed this summer scavenger hunt your family will already be looking forward to the next time you get to do a scavenger hunt together.

This post is all about a summer scavenger hunt.

Summer Scavenger Hunt

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8.5×11 Printer Paper

Writing Utensil

Laminator/Laminating Sheets or Dry Erase Pocket Sleeves (Optional)

Clipboard (Optional)


The first thing you’ll want to do is choose which summer scavenger hunt to use. I have created both a list version and a picture version suitable for non-readers. There is also a blank scavenger hunt if your family wants to come up with your own ideas.

Next, print off a copy for each member of your family. It can be helpful to laminate or use protective sleeves like these so that you can reuse the scavenger hunts in the future.

Once you have printed off the copies, hand them out along with a writing utensil. If you laminated the printable make sure to use vis-a-vis markers like these to write with or dry erase markers like these for the protective sleeves.

Dry Erase Pocket Sleeve

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Dry Erase Marker

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If you have any clipboards at home you may want to use them so you have something hard to write against. Now, decide if you want to do the scavenger hunt together or break up into teams. Then, go for a family walk around the neighborhood and see if you can find all of the items. 

If you decide to break into teams the first team to find all of the items and make it back to the house wins bragging rights. If your family is competitive you’ll want to make sure each team has a phone to take pictures and document proof of each item. 

Summer Scavenger Hunt Items

On the scavenger hunts there are 20 items commonly found in the summer. These are the items you will be searching for.

  1. Basketball hoop
  2. Dog
  3. Delivery truck
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Flower
  6. Birdhouse
  7. Someone running
  8. Garden hose
  9. Fire hydrant
  10. Grill
  11. Three different birds
  12. RV
  13. Stroller
  14. Fence
  15. “For sale” sign
  16. Bicycle
  17. Flip flops
  18. Dandelion
  19. Chalk art
  20. Butterfly

Summer Scavenger Hunt Picture Version

This summer scavenger hunt has pictures of each of the items listed. It is perfect for toddlers and young children who cannot read yet but want to participate in the scavenger hunt. You can download and print this below. 

summer scavenger hunt for adults


Summer Scavenger Hunt List Version

Here is the list version of the summer scavenger hunts. If you have older kids who can already read I recommend printing out this version because it will use up less ink. You can download and print this free printable below. 

summer scavenger hunt clues


Blank Summer Scavenger Hunt

This blank scavenger hunt is a fun family activity. Go around the table and brainstorm summer items you may find on a walk. Write down each of the items your family comes up with (make sure everyone gets to contribute at least one item added to the list).

Then, make copies of your scavenger hunt and give everyone a copy and writing utensil. Go for a walk around the neighborhood and see if you can find all the items on your scavenger hunt. 

summer scavenger hunt riddles


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This Post Was All About A Summer Scavenger Hunt

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