79 Insanely Cute Easter Basket Fillers For Girls

Are you looking for Easter basket fillers for girls? Look no further, these are the best Easter gifts she’s sure to love. With Easter almost…

Are you looking for Easter basket fillers for girls? Look no further, these are the best Easter gifts she’s sure to love.

easter basket fillers

With Easter almost here you are probably searching for some Easter basket fillers to get your daughter’s basket ready. As a mom of three girls, I am giving you the best ideas for Easter basket gifts.

These Easter basket fillers range from crocs and beach towels to puzzles and more!

Whether your daughter is school-aged or still just a toddler you’re sure to find something on this list she will like.

This post is all about Easter basket fillers.

Easter Basket Fillers

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In this post, I have separated the Easter basket fillers into two different groups based on age. The first part of this post is Easter Basket Fillers for Toddler Girls whereas the end of the post is Easter Basket Fillers for Girls Ages 4-8.

Easter Basket Fillers for Toddler Girls

easter basket gifts

1. Crocs

Paw Patrol Crocs

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These Paw Patrol Crocs are seriously ADORABLE! My daughter is a huge Paw Patrol fan and these shoes are her favorite. She seriously wears them everywhere.

I will say, you may want to size up because the fit is a little snug when the heel is down. Had I known this before ordering, I would have gone with one size bigger.

2. Toniebox Characters

Pink Toniebox

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Tonies Liberty Character

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Toniebox Audio players are such a cool screen-free activity for toddlers. Kids can collect the different characters (there are a TON) for their Toniebox and each one has its own stories and music. They are so fun and easy for kids to use by themselves which makes them an awesome Easter gift.

My 3 and 5 year old both have their own and they use them ALL the time. My youngest enjoys listening to hers before she takes her nap, as it seems to calm her down and my 5-year-old is always bringing hers along for car rides to keep her occupied. I love that they even have educational ones from National Geographic.

I will point out though, that the Toniebox itself is pretty expensive. My 5 year old got hers as a gift from her Gramma but we bought my 3-year-old hers and were able to get a pretty good deal on it over Black Friday.

If this is something you think your daughter would love just hunt around and see if you can find a deal. We ended up finding the best deal at Target.

3. Little People

Barbie Car – Little People

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This Little People Barbie Car is the cutest. Little People are the perfect size for little toddler hands to play with and are definitely a great Easter basket fillers option!

4. Chalk

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

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With spring here and summer just around the corner, sidewalk chalk is a perfect Easter basket gift.

5. Basketball

Kid’s Basketball Size 3

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My 3-year-old daughter has this pink mini basketball and loves dribbling and trying to be just like her big sisters.

If you order a basketball for your little one, just make sure you get the size 3 as this is the 22-inch or mini size.

6. Scribble Scrubbie

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie

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My toddler loves her scribble scrubbie pets! Along with these pet figures are washable markers that you can color the pets with and a tub you fill with water so your little one can wash the pets and color again. This is a great Easter basket filler!

7. Camera

Kids Digital Camera

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Does your little one enjoy stealing your phone and taking pictures? Mine is obsessed with taking pictures on my phone so we got her a fun toddler camera for Easter last year and it was a hit!

8. Play-Doh

Sparkle Play-Doh Collection

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How cute is this Sparkly Play-Doh! This is the perfect size for an Easter basket and a fun activity for your toddler.

9. Book

Ollie’s Easter Eggs

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We’re Going on an Egg Hunt

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Every year I like to include a book in each of my kiddo’s Easter baskets! This year my toddler is getting Ollie’s Easter Eggs! If you need some some Easter book ideas check out my Easter Book post.

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10. Sunglasses


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With summer nearly here, a pair of sunglasses is a useful Easter basket filler! My kids are always breaking or losing their sunglasses so we usually get cheap ones like these because we are replacing them constantly!

11. Balls

Express Your Feelings Balls

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These emotion balls are a great toy for toddlers learning about their emotions! Definitely a great toddler Easter basket choice.

12. Stickers

Puppy Stickers

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What toddler doesn’t like stickers?! Currently, these puppy ones are my toddler’s favorite!

13. Card Game

Old Maid Card Game

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Paw Patrol Card Games

Buy On Amazon

There are so many card games you could use as Easter basket fillers. My three-year-old loves this Old Maid game as well as Go Pup which is the Paw Patrol version of Go Fish.

14. Stamps

Safari Animal Stamps

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Flowers/Butterfly Stamps

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Stamps are a great indoor activity for toddlers on a rainy, spring day. Not only are they excellent Easter basket fillers but they are also the perfect size to be a non-candy Easter egg stuffer.

15. Stuffed Animal

12″ Plush Bunny

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If your toddler is anything like mine, they LOVE stuffies so an adorable bunny one like this would be a great Easter basket gift!

16. Bubble Wands

4oz Bubble Wands

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Bubbles are a fun summertime activity for our littles and these bubble wands are the perfect size for toddlers to hold and use.

17. Rain Boots

BOGS Toddler Rain Boots

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Does your little one love splashing in the puddles after a rainy day? If so, rain boots are a MUST! These are the adorable pink multi color rain boots my toddler is getting in her Easter basket this year.

18. Floss

GUM Crayola Twistables Flossers

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I love practical Easter basket fillers which is why floss makes the Easter basket fillers list. These Crayola flossers are my kids’ favorite. They are super easy for them to use and they love the flavors, especially the purple grape-flavored ones.

19. Band-Aids

Bluey Bandages

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With all the bumps and bruises toddlers get, bandages like these Bluey ones are another practical Easter basket filler for toddlers.

20. Animal Figure

Schleich Okapi Figure

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I love how realistic Schleich’s animal figures are and they are a great Easter basket size.

21. Card Holders

Playing Card Holders

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These card holders are SO helpful for toddlers and young kids. My daughter likes to play Old Maid where there are a ton of cards to hold and these really come in handy.

22. Washable Markers

Crayola Washable Pip Squeaks

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I love these Pip Squeaks markers for toddlers. Their mini size is perfect for toddlers to hold and color with.

23. Snack

Annie’s Variety Pack

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Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies and Bunny Grahams are crackers in the shape of bunnies making them the perfect Easter basket snack.

24. Magna-Tiles


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If your little one loves building with Magna-Tiles then these safari animals are a great choice for their Easter basket!

25. Gardening Toy Set

Toddler Gardening Set

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How cute is this New Sprouts Grow It set?! This is an adorable toddler gift.

26. Tooth Brush/Tooth Paste

Colgate Toothbrush

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A self-care item like a new toothbrush is a practical Easter basket filler option.

27. Blanket

Plush Throw Blanket

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You can’t go wrong with a fuzzy warm blanket like this Paw Patrol one.

28. Swimsuit

RuffleButts Swim

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Summer is almost here and I’m sure your toddler has grown a lot since last summer so a new swimsuit like this super adorable RuffleButts one would be super useful.

If you’re looking for a new suit, RuffleButts makes the CUTEST toddler girl swimsuits. This particular swimsuit is my absolute favorite not only because it is super adorable but also because it has the rash guard top so more skin is protected from the sun AND it has the quick change snaps, making bathroom trips or diaper changes so much easier.

29. Beach Towel

Hooded Beach Towel Poncho

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I stumbled upon these hooded beach towel ponchos and we NEED this for my youngest. My toddler always struggles to keep her towel wrapped around herself after the beach, especially on the walk back to the vehicle. This would be a game-changer!

30. Beach Toys

Melissa & Doug Sand Toy

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If you spend a lot of time at the beach in the summer some new beach toys like these Melissa & Doug cupcake molds would be a great Easter basket stuffer!

31. Water Bottle

HydroFlask 12oz Water Bottle

Buy On Amazon

A new water bottle is a useful Easter basket gift for your toddler. I swear you can never have too many water bottles.

32. Flashlight

Melissa & Doug Flashlight

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If your little one likes to make blanket forts this would be a cute gift they could use in their tent!

33. Wooden Egg Shakers

12 Piece Wooden Egg Shakers

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These musical wooden egg shakers are a fun easter basket filler for your toddler. You could also use these instead of plastic eggs for an Easter egg hunt!

34. Magnifying Glass

Melissa & Doug Magnifying Glass

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Do you have an outdoor explorer? This magnifying glass is the cutest idea for toddlers to use as they explore and learn about the world around them.

35. Scavenger Hunt Card Ring

Toddler Scavenger Hunt Cards

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These scavenger hunt cards are a great indoor activity for toddlers and they fit perfectly in an Easter basket.

36. Bug Catcher

Melissa & Doug Bug Catcher

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My girls have all gotten these Melissa & Doug bug catchers in their Easter baskets as toddlers. My oldest still uses hers from time to time when she plays outside.

37. Magnetic Dress Up Boards

Paw Patrol Dress Up

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This Magnetic Paw Patrol dress-up is a fun activity for toddlers. The pieces are pretty small though so it would be best for toddlers 3+.

Easter Basket Fillers for Girls Ages 4-8

easter basket ideas

1. Hat

Barbie Hat

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This hat is SO cute! My girls are super into Barbies right now so I got them these hats for their Easter basket.

2. Journal

Unicorn Journal and Sketchbook

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This is the cute unicorn journal my 5-year-old daughter is getting in her Easter basket this year!

3. Microphone

Kidz Bop Karaoke Microphone

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If your daughter likes to sing then this Kidz Bop microphone is the gift for her!

4. Piggy Bank

Unicorn Piggy Bank

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Piggy banks, like this unicorn one are a great way to teach and encourage kids the concept of saving money and delayed gratification.

5. Book Light

Neck Reading Light

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If your daughter likes to read before bed, this is a perfect Easter basket gift for her. My five-year-old has this book light and loves that she doesn’t have to hold it to look at her books.

6. Sports Ball

Wilson Pink Camo Basketball

Buy On Amazon

A new ball is a great choice whether your daughter is into soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.

7. Magic 8 Ball

Mattel Games Magic 8 Ball

Buy On Amazon

Who doesn’t love a Magic 8 Ball?! This is a fun, nostalgic gift to give your daughter.

8. Coding Mouse

Code & Go Robot Mouse

Buy On Amazon

I am ALL for closing the gender gap in STEM fields. Having three daughters myself, I think it is so important we expose them to STEM-related activities and toys which is why I love this coding mouse.

My daughters both have one and they enjoy racing each other. I love watching the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they use while playing with the mice.

9. Squishmallows

Scented Mystery Squishmallow

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Squishmallows are always a hit! Even more so are these scented mystery ones. Opening the package will be a fun surprise as to which one she gets.

10. Multicolor pen

Ballpoint Multicolor Pen

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I don’t know what it is about these multicolor pens but kids love them!

11. Bracelet Making Kit

Charm Bracelet Making Kit

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If your child enjoys arts and crafts then a bracelet-making kit would be a fun Easter gift for her.

12. Chewing Gum

Bubble Yum Gum

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Some bubble gum makes a good Easter basket filler. You can buy it here on Amazon, however they come in huge packs so if you want a single pack I’d recommend just picking it up at your local Target or gas station.

13. Crocs/Croc Charms

Lisa Frank Crocs

Buy On Amazon

These Lisa Frank Crocs are bringing back some serious nostalgia! If your daughter doesn’t have a pair of Crocs they’d make a great Easter gift. If she does have a pair of Crocs, some Croc charms would be a great idea.

14. Drawing Book

How to Draw Cute Things

Buy On Amazon

If you have a child at home who loves drawing and coloring this would be a great Easter basket gift. My oldest has been drawing a lot lately and particularly likes to draw “things that are cute” as she would say. When I came across this “How to Draw Cute Stuff” I just had to get it for her for Easter. She is going to LOVE it!

15. Musical Jewelry Box

Unicorn Musical Jewelry Box

Buy On Amazon

I love this musical jewelry box. I had a similar one growing up and I used it to keep all my special things.

16. Barbie

Pool Play Set – Barbie

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If your daughter plays with Barbies, she’ll love a new one in her basket.

17. Blanket

Glow in the Dark Blanket

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A fuzzy blanket is a great choice for a girl of any age. My 5-year-old daughter loves her glow-in-the-dark unicorn blanket.

18. Pokemon Card Binder

Pokemon Binder

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If you have Pokemon fans at home like me, then a Pokemon card binder is a great Easter basket filler option.

19. Book

5,000 Awesome Facts About Animals

Buy On Amazon

My oldest got this 5,000 Awesome Facts About Animals as a gift and has been determined ever since to read and learn all of them. She is constantly teaching me new fun facts.

20. Headphones

BuddyPhones Kids Headphones

Buy On Amazon

A pair of headphones can be a useful gift. They are especially handy if your family likes to take road trips!

21. Rain Boots

BOGS Kids Rain Boots

Buy On Amazon

Rain boots are a useful Easter basket gift. These are the purple ones my daughter is getting this year!

22. Beach Towel

Squishmallows Beach Towel

Buy On Amazon

This is the cutest beach towel for the squishmallow fans.

23. Card Game

Mattel Games Uno

Buy On Amazon

Card games are an ideal size for an Easter basket. This Uno game is a fun Barbie version.

24. Gymnastics Leotard

GK Girls

Buy On Amazon

If you have a gymnast at home, a new leotard like this for practice would be great!

25. Jump Rope

Kids Pink Jump Rope

Buy On Amazon

My oldest just figured out how to jump rope this past summer so this pink jump rope will be an awesome Easter basket filler for her.

26. Puzzle

Buffalo Games Donut Puzzle

Buy On Amazon

Puzzles always make a fun and educational gift. I just love this cute 300 piece donut puzzle!

27. Swim Toys

Mermaid Dive Toys

Buy On Amazon

This is the age when a lot of kids learn to swim. Some cool dive toys like these can help encourage your child to learn!

28. Swimsuit

Girls RuffleButts Swimsuit

Buy On Amazon

When looking for a swimsuit for my daughters I like to find ones like this RuffleButts one that has a rash guard top (more skin protection) and is two pieces to make bathroom trips SO much easier.

29. Sunglasses


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Summer is almost here so a pair of sunglasses would be a very useful Easter basket filler!

30. Loofah

Shower Loofahs

Buy On Amazon

I always like to throw in some useful self-care items like toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a loofah.

31. Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Nail Polish

Buy On Amazon

Does your girl like getting her nails painted? If so, a few nail polish colors would be an awesome gift.

32. Floss

GUM Crayola Twistables Flossers

Buy On Amazon

Here is another self-care item that will definitely get used!

33. Tooth Brush

Brusheez Kids Electric Toothbrush Set

Buy On Amazon

Oh my goodness, this Toothbrush set is the cutest! I love that it comes with a 2-minute timer, my kids NEED this.

34. Rain Jacket

Columbia Girls Rain Jacket

Buy On Amazon

A rain jacket like this definitely comes in handy during the springtime making it a very practical Easter basket filler.

All three of my daughters have this jacket and I will note that the jacket is very thin. Because it is thin, they can wear a sweatshirt underneath on cold spring days yet still wear it in the summer without overheating.

35. Scrunchies

Satin Scrunchies

Buy On Amazon

Some cute scrunchies are a great accessory for their Easter basket!

36. Hair Brush

Wet Brush

Buy On Amazon

We love the Wet Brush. One of my daughters has super long hair and this brush seems to be the least painful when it comes to detangling hair.

37. Zippered Pouch

Small Cosmetic Toiletry Bag

Buy On Amazon

My daughter was gifted a cute bag similar to this one and she loves keeping all of her hair accessories, chapstick, and other miscellaneous things in it.

38. Snacks

Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks

Buy On Amazon

Here are some more Annie’s bunny-shaped snacks that would go great in an Easter basket.

39. New Outfit/Pajamas

The Children’s Place Easter Pajama Set

Buy On Amazon

These super cute Easter pajamas would make a great gift for your daughter.

40. Reusable Snack Bags

Bumkins Reusable Bags

Buy On Amazon

Does your daughter bring a snack to school? If so, these are some adorable reusable snack bags.

41. Popsicle Molds

Tovolo Stackable Unicorn Pop Molds

Buy On Amazon

These popsicle molds are so cool and could make a fun summertime treat!

42. Flower Building Set

Cenove Flower Building Set

Buy On Amazon

If you have a builder at home this flower-building set is a great activity for girls.

easter basket filler

This Post Was All About Easter Basket Fillers

I’d love to hear how your daughter’s Easter basket turned out!

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