25 Free Birthday Bingo Cards For A Fun Birthday Party Game

If you are planning a birthday party and looking for a birthday bingo game, look no further this free kid’s party game is sure to…

If you are planning a birthday party and looking for a birthday bingo game, look no further this free kid’s party game is sure to be a hit.

birthday bingo

If you are planning a child’s birthday party then you are probably on the hunt for a fun game to entertain the kids with at the party.
This past weekend we had my daughter’s 6th birthday party at our house. As I was planning it, I was trying to come up with an easy game to have on hand in case the kids started getting bored. I came across the idea of a birthday bingo game. However, I could only find ones that had up to 15 cards and we were going to have more kids than that.

This is why I created and am sharing with you this printable birthday bingo game. This game comes with 25 unique bingo cards which means you can play with up to 25 kids.

Pair it with some prizes and the kids are sure to have fun with this birthday bingo game!

This post is all about birthday bingo.

Birthday Bingo

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  • Printer
  • Printer Paper
  • Laminator
  • Laminating Sheets
  • Scissors
  • Bingo Chips


First, print off the birthday bingo printable at the bottom of this page. The last page of the printable is the calling cards. You’ll want to print off TWO copies of this page. One you will cut out and one you will leave.

I also have a separate printable at the end of this post that has larger calling cards if you prefer those. These are especially great for larger groups.

If you are playing with a smaller group, you do not need to print off all 25 bingo cards. However, I think having them all printed can be helpful to have on hand in case any extra guests show up to the party such as siblings or just to have for future parties.

Now that you have the bingo and calling cards printed, place them in laminating sheets like this. Next, run the pages through a laminator.

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Laminating Sheets

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Once all of your pages are laminated you’ll need to cut out the calling cards. If you made two copies of the small calling cards leave one copy uncut. With the other copy you’ll need to cut each individual calling card out (there are 30).

Now you are all ready to play birthday bingo!

*If you do not have a laminator, I recommend at least printing them on cardstock so they hold up a little better than regular printer paper.

Neenah White Cardstock

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How To Play

Now that you have your game ready you are all set to start playing. First, put all of the calling cards in a bowl. Then, let everyone choose a birthday bingo card or hand them out. Next, make sure each player has plenty of bingo chips.

To start the game, have each player place a bingo chip on the free space in the middle. Then, draw a bingo card from the bowl and tell/show the group the image. If the image drawn is on their bingo card have them cover it up with a bingo chip. Then, place the calling card over the top of the image on the uncut calling cards so you can refer back to which cards have been drawn.

When a player gets five in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally they shout BINGO. They then will recite back which images they have covered and you will use the calling card sheets to ensure the ones they have covered were called. If they were all called this player wins. Everyone can clear their board and start again.

This game is even more fun with prizes for the winners.

Bingo Prize Ideas

Adding prizes for the winners makes this birthday bingo game even more fun for kids. If you are looking for ideas then here are a few.

Birthday Bingo Printable

Here is the free printable bingo birthday game. Download and print it now or pin this post to save for a future use.

birthday bingo ideas

Larger Bingo Calling Cards

If you are playing with a larger group I recommend using these large calling cards instead so the entire group can easily see the image drawn.

birthday bingo game

I hope your kids all enjoy playing this birthday bingo game.

This Post Was All About Birthday Bingo

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