29 Absolute Best Barbie Party Ideas For An Epic Birthday Party!

Looking for Barbie party ideas? These are the best ideas when it comes to a Barbie party theme. As a mom to three girls, I…

Looking for Barbie party ideas? These are the best ideas when it comes to a Barbie party theme.

barbie party ideas

As a mom to three girls, I am all too familiar with Barbies. I grew up playing with them and now my girls do too. This past weekend we had my daughter’s 6th birthday party. She currently LOVES Barbies so of course she wanted a Barbie party theme.

If your child wants a Barbie party like mine did, I am sure you’re preparing and looking ahead of time for cool ideas for their party. After throwing my daughter her Barbie party, I put together this list of the best Barbie party ideas.

These Barbie party ideas range from an adorable Barbie party outfit, Barbie party favors, Barbie party decor and more!

After learning about these Barbie party ideas you will be so prepared when it comes to throwing the most epic Barbie party for your child.

This post is all about Barbie Party Ideas.

Barbie Party Ideas

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barbie party idea

1. Barbie Party Invitations

If you’re throwing a Barbie party then let the guests know with some adorable Barbie party invitations.

We used some customizable Barbie invitations from Etsy and then printed them at home using cardstock. We then put the invitations in these envelopes and gave them out. They turned out amazing!

5×7 Envelopes

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Neenah White Cardstock

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You can also get fill-in-the-blank ones like this off Amazon.

2. Barbie Party Outfit

When planning your Barbie party don’t forget a Barbie party outfit for the birthday girl. My daughter wore this super cute Barbie dress for her party.

Barbie Tulle Dress

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3. Barbie Party Box

barbie party ideas for 6 year old

This life-size Barbie box photobooth was most definitely a hit at my daughter’s party. I built the Barbie party box using an old TV box we had in the garage (you can also use large moving boxes).

Using a utility knife, I cut out pieces for a front, back, two sides, a top, and a bottom. Then, I taped them together with duct tape. Once I had the box completely taped together, I wrapped the box using pink wrapping paper from Party City.

If you are wondering about the dimensions of our box, I created the template below. You can download this free Barbie Party Box printable to assist you while you build your own Barbie photobooth.

*As you can see in the pictures above, it is the perfect size for kids but short for adults. If you are building the Barbie party box for an adult party I would increase the height to around 6ft. If you’re having a co-ed party it would be super cool to make a blue Ken box as well.

barbie party ideas for 8 year old

4. Polaroid Pictures

barbie party ideas at home

Polaroid pictures are one of the best Barbie party ideas if you plan to have a Barbie photo booth. At my daughter’s party, I used my Polaroid Camera to take pictures of the kids so they could take home a picture and they loved it!

Polaroid Camera

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5. Barbie Photobooth Props

Photo Props

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Another great Barbie party idea to go with your photo booth is some props like these for the kiddos to use when they take pictures.

You could also get things like heart glasses, boas, pink necklaces, etc for the kids to dress up with in the Barbie party box.

6. Barbie Party Favors

barbie party favors

Kids love party favors so put together some Barbie party favors for the guests to take home with them at the end of the party. For my daughter’s party, I got these reusable Barbie cups. Inside the cups, I put pink tissue paper, Barbie fruit snacks, and a Barbie Chelsea doll.

I also taped up a thank you note that you are more than welcome to download below.

If you are looking for some other Barbie party favors here are some other great ideas:

Barbie party favor ideas

7. Barbie Party Games

Pin the Bow Game

Pin the Bow Tie

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This Pin the Bow game is a spin-off of the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game. It makes for a fun Barbie party game for kids.


Pink Bingo

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Bingo is ALWAYS a great party game for kids of any age. They make this pink bingo game you can get off Amazon. Otherwise, you could use my free birthday bingo cards (pink edition).

For the bingo chips you could use pink starbursts or pink Hershey’s kisses. The kids would LOVE this!

barbie party invitations


Barbie UNO

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Pick up a few packs of Barbie Uno and let the kids play this fun card game.

8. Barbie Party Activities

Hair Styling

Barbie Styling Head

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This is such a great Barbie party idea for young girls. Set out a few Barbie styling heads for the kids to practice doing hair.

Cupcake Decorating

Cupcake decorating is another fun Barbie party activity. Have different shades of pink frosting and sprinkles and let the kids have a messy, yummy time decorating cupcakes. You could even get some Barbie cupcake decorations like these for the kids to put on top of their cupcakes when they’re finished.

Nail Painting

Painting nails is another great Barbie party activity. You could pick up some Barbie nail polish like this or get these super adorable press-on fake nails.

Barbie Press on Nail Set

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Barbie Nail Polish

Buy On Amazon

9. Barbie Coloring Pictures

Barbie party ideas 4 year old

Print off some Barbie coloring pages or get some Barbie coloring books and crayons to leave out for the kids to color during the party.

Barbie Coloring Book

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10. Barbie Party Backdrop

A Barbie backdrop is a great way to set the scene for a themed party. For my daughter’s Barbie party, I originally wanted this Barbie Dream Together backdrop but it was out of stock at the time so we went with this Malibu Barbie one from Party City instead.

I will note when I ordered it I didn’t realize that it came in three separate pieces. You can either tape them together to make a large backdrop or tape the pieces up separately in different areas which is what we ended up doing.

11. Barbie Karaoke

barbie party ideas for 5 year old

This was one of the best Barbie party ideas we had for my daughter’s birthday. She and her friends had so much fun singing (and talking) into the microphones. We just turned our karaoke machine on and had a few separate microphones for them to use. Then we put Spotify on the TV and turned on a Kidz Bop playlist with the lyrics.

Karaoke Machine

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Kidz Bop Microphone

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12. Barbie Dance Party

If you don’t have a karaoke machine then just crank the tunes and start a dance party. The kids will love this! Don’t forget to play Kidz Bop “Barbie World.”

13. Barbie Party Balloons

barbie party decor

You can’t have a party without balloons! Thankfully, there are quite a few Barbie-themed balloons to choose from. We got this Barbie balloon bundle and they were a great addition to the Barbie party decor.

Barbie Balloons

Buy On Amazon

We also did a lot of pink and purple star and heart-shaped foil balloons. However, I didn’t have helium to fill them or time to run to Party City the night before so instead, we used our air compressor to fill them with air.

Because regular air won’t make them float, I had to think of a way to hang them up. What I ended up doing was taping up the flap that hung down on the balloon with Scotch Tape.

barbie party decorations

Next, I rolled some blue painter’s tape and put it on the back of the balloon. Then, I stuck it to the wall.

barbie party supplies

Using the painter’s tape made it so the balloons didn’t peel up any of our paint when we took them down and it actually held up all the balloons really well.

This was such a super simple way to hang the balloons I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of this before. Going forward I will be hanging balloons for parties this easier and cheaper way.

14. Barbie Tablecloth

Barbie Dream Together Tablecloth

Buy On Amazon

Tablecloths are one of the easiest Barbie party decorations to add to the Barbie theme. They also make cleaning up after the party a breeze.

15. Barbie Party Banner

Happy Birthday Banner

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How cute is this Happy Birthday Barbie Banner?! This would make a great Barbie party decoration!

16. Barbie Party Drinks

barbie party drinks

Another one of the Barbie party ideas would be Barbie party drinks for the guests. Some fun pink drink ideas would be pink lemonade, strawberry milkshakes, or strawberry smoothies.

17. Barbie Party Cups

These are adorable drink pouches you could serve pink lemonade in!

Drink Pouches

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Barbie Party Cups

Buy On Amazon

18. Barbie Party Food

Any pink food would be perfect for a Barbie party! If you need some ideas here is a list of some great foods you could serve:

Pink Food

  • Pink Deviled Eggs
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries
  • Pink Pancakes
  • Red Velvet Waffles
  • Shrimp
  • Raspberries
  • Pink Pasta

Pink Desserts

  • Pink Doughnuts
  • Strawberry Brownies
  • Cupcakes with Pink Frosting
  • Raspberry Cookies
  • Bubblegum or Strawberry Ice Cream

19. Barbie Party Plates

Party Plates

Buy On Amazon

To go along with the pink party food, get some cute Barbie plates. These are the Barbie plates we used for my daughter’s party.

20. Barbie Party Napkins

barbie party ideas birthdays

Another easy way to add to the Barbie theme is these Barbie napkins.

21. Barbie Party Treat

barbie party food ideas

Any pink dessert would work great for a Barbie party treat. We went with a pull-apart cupcake cake that had different shades of pink. I’ve also seen some really cool cakes that have a Barbie at the center of them and the cake is the Barbie’s dress.

barbie party food

*Don’t forget the Pink birthday candle!

22. Barbie Party Table Decorations

Table Decorations

Buy On Amazon

Decorate the tables with a Barbie decorating kit like this one. You could also get some Barbie activity sheets to use as placemats from Etsy.

23. Barbie Pool Party

Is your child having a summer birthday party? If so, throwing a Barbie pool party would be SO much fun. You could get some Barbie inflatable tubes, barbie floating toys, barbie beach towels, Barbie inflatable surfboards, and more!

Barbie Towel

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Barbie Floating Boat

Buy On Amazon

24. Barbie Pinata


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Pink Starburst

Buy On Amazon

A pinata is always a good choice for kids’ birthday parties. You could get a Barbie one or any pink pinata.

Then, fill it with pink candy such as pink ring pops, pink starbursts, barbie fruit snacks, pink airheads, pink push pops etc.

25. Guess How Many In The Jar – Barbie Edition

Barbie party game

Fill a jar with Barbie shoes and have each party guest guess how many shoes there are. Whoever is the closest wins a prize.

26. Make Barbie Friendship Bracelets

Barbie Jewelry Set

Buy On Amazon

Friendship bracelets are the perfect Barbie party idea for kids. Get a Barbie bead kit and let the kids make and design bracelets for each other! This is an easy way to keep the kids entertained!

27. Barbie Party Playlist

Before the party, make a Barbie party playlist. I made one on Spotify so that I could play it on the TV during the party.

Then, before guests arrive turn on that Barbie party music to get the party started. Here are some songs you can add to your playlist. Don’t forget to check out Kidz Bop if you’re throwing a kid’s party to find the kid-friendly versions.

  • Barbie Girl
  • Barbie World
  • Get the Party Started
  • Barbie Dreams
  • Boom Clap
  • Glamerous
  • Sunroof
  • Heat Waves
  • Cruel Summer
  • Dance the Night
  • What Was I Made For?
  • Choose Your Fighter

28. Barbie Party Printables

There are tons of Barbie party printables you can get to customize your party. Etsy has super cute Barbie party labels for water bottles, juice boxes, chip bags, etc.

You can also get Barbie thank you tags to go on Barbie party goody bags.

29. Barbie Movie Party

Popcorn Boxes

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Movie Ticket Invitation

Buy On Amazon

If your child loves movies like mine do, then throwing a Barbie movie party is one of the BEST Barbie party ideas!

Send movie ticket invitations for the guests and have fun movie snacks like popcorn in these Barbie popcorn boxes, Barbie fruit snacks, and pink animal cookies.

Barbie Birthday Gift Ideas

Since you’re throwing a Barbie party, I’m sure your child loves Barbies. If you are looking for some Barbie gift ideas here are some cool Barbie theme toys that aren’t Barbie dolls!

1. Roller Skates

Barbie Roller Skates

Buy On Amazon

2. Barbie Books

5-Minute Stories

Buy On Amazon

3. Skateboard

Barbie Skateboard

Buy On Amazon

4. Hair Accessories

Barbie Hair Accessories

Buy On Amazon

4. Makeup Artist Magazine

Barbie Makeup Magazine

Buy On Amazon

5. Water Bottle

Thermos Funtainer

Buy On Amazon

6. Pop Up Tent

Barbie Tent

Buy On Amazon

7. Barbie Styling Head

Styling Head

Buy On Amazon
barbie party template

This Post Was All About Barbie Party Ideas

Which of these Barbie party ideas is your favorite? I’d love to hear all about your Barbie party!

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