42 Hilarious Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions To Ask Over Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you looking for Thanksgiving would you rather questions to bring to your family’s Thanksgiving gathering? Look no further, these 42 hilarious questions will give…

Are you looking for Thanksgiving would you rather questions to bring to your family’s Thanksgiving gathering? Look no further, these 42 hilarious questions will give everyone something to bond over and laugh about.

Thanksgiving Would You Rather

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if you’re anything like me you’re getting things ready for your family’s gathering. To keep the mood light and fun this year, I’ve created and am sharing with you these Thanksgiving would you rather question cards. These questions make the perfect game to play as you sit around the dinner table.

With these free Thanksgiving would you rather cards you’ll find fun questions to ask such as “Would you rather win the turkey trot or win a pumpkin pie eating contest” that your family can answer and laugh about.

You’ll be so glad you brought these Thanksgiving would you rather cards and gave the family something to talk about, instead of politics.

This post is all about fun Thanksgiving would you rather questions.

Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions

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  • Printer
  • Printer Paper (8.5 x 11)
  • Scissors
  • Laminator (optional)
  • Laminating Paper (optional)


thanksgiving would you rather brain break

Download and print the free Thanksgiving would you rather cards below. You can either cut out each individual card and use them as they are or you could laminate them (prior to cutting) which is what I recommend.

This is especially important if they are going to be passed around at your Thanksgiving or if you’d like to reuse them next year.

thanksgiving would you rather pdf

To laminate, place the printable cards in laminating sheets like these. Then, slide the laminating sheets through a laminator.

If you don’t have a laminator and are looking to get one, I highly recommend an Amazon Basics. I bought my Amazon Basics 9 inch Laminator 5 years ago and it still works great. 

Because I’ve had mine for five years now, they don’t still sell the exact version, but they do sell this newer model of the one I have that looks pretty similar. 

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Laminating Sheets

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thanksgiving would you rather questions for students

Once you have your cards laminated, then cut them out and bring them along to your family’s Thanksgiving gathering.

How to Play

While there are numerous ways you can play this fun Thanksgiving would you rather game I am going to give you two great options that allow everyone to answer and participate.

thanksgiving would you rather printable free

Option 1. 

The first way you could play is to have someone draw a would you rather card as you and your family sit around the dinner table. Then, have that person read the card out loud.

thanksgiving would you rather for kids

Let everyone vote their answer and see which one the majority thinks is better. Take turns reading the prompt cards out loud. The best part of this game are the discussions and debates over why everyone think a certain answer is best.

Option 2

This is a fun way to play that gets everybody up and moving. Make one part of the house designated for the left side answer of the card and one part of the house designated for the right side answer of the card.

Read the card out loud and then play some music. When the music stops everyone chooses the answer they would rather have and heads to that designated side of the house. 

Thanksgiving would you rather game

You could also play this way with points. Each round, see which answer has the most people. Those people who were at the answer with the majority win a point for that round. Each person tally’s up their points and whoever has the most at the end wins. 

Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions

  1. Be sick on Thanksgiving every year or work on Thanksgiving every year?
  2. Eat undercooked turkey or eat dry turkey?
  3. Not have your favorite dish on Thanksgiving or eat your favorite dish every day for a month?
  4. Wear a raw turkey on your head or sing the Gobble Gobble song on a Macy’s Day Parade float?
  5. Own a turkey farm or own a cranberry bog?
  6. Win a turkey trot race or win a pumpkin pie eating contest?
  7. Eat a burnt Thanksgiving meal or order take out on Thanksgiving?
  8. Talk about politics with your family on Thanksgiving or nobody talk on Thanksgiving?
  9. Peel all the potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner or carve the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner?
  10. Eat thanksgiving food the dog licked or eat Thanksgiving food that fell on the floor?
  11. Eat Thanksgiving dinner all alone or eat Thanksgiving dinner with a group of strangers?
  12. Drink a glass of gravy or eat a bag of gravy flavored jelly beans?
  13. Shop on Black Friday or put up your Christmas tree?
  14. Never be able to eat pumpkin pie or eat turkey every day.
  15. Run a turkey trot before your Thanksgiving meal or play flag football after your Thanksgiving meal?
  16. Cook the Thanksgiving meal or do the dishes afterwards?
  17. Be quizzed with Thanksgiving trivia questions or write 100 things you’re thankful for?
  18. Skip Thanksgiving this year or sit in traffic for 5 hours to get there?
  19. Take a nap after Thanksgiving dinner or go for a walk after Thanksgiving dinner?
  20. Get dressed up for Thanksgiving or wear comfy clothes for Thanksgiving?
  21. Not be able to speak on Thanksgiving or not be able to eat dessert on Thanksgiving?
  22. Be a host for the Macy’s Day Parade or be an NFL referee on Thanksgiving?
  23. Eat leftover turkey sandwiches or eat leftover turkey soup?
  24. Sit at the kids table or sit at the grown-ups table?
  25. Spend Thanksgiving with family or go on an expensive vacation?
  26. Still be hungry after Thanksgiving dinner or feel sick from eating too much Thanksgiving dinner?
  27. Have snow on Thanksgiving or have 75 degrees and sunshine on Thanksgiving?
  28. Have to cook a Thanksgiving meal every month or never have a Thanksgiving meal again?
  29. Work at a retail store on Black Friday or hold down a balloon in the Macy’s Day Parade?
  30. Get a tattoo of a turkey or get a tattoo of a wishbone?
  31. Spend Thanksgiving alone or spend Christmas alone?
  32. Eat everything with pumpkin pie spice on it or say something you’re thankful for every time you talk?
  33. Take a bath in a tub full of gravy or swim in a pool of cranberry sauce?
  34. Get chased by a wild turkey or keep a turkey as a pet for a year?
  35. Spill gravy on your white shirt or spill gravy on someone else’s white shirt?
  36. Have hiccups during your entire Thanksgiving meal or not be able to taste your Thanksgiving meal?
  37. Eat your Thanksgiving meal without silverware or eat your Thanksgiving meal after everyone has finished?
  38. Not celebrate Thanksgiving this year or not celebrate your birthday this year?
  39. Spend Thanksgiving at your boss’s house (or teacher’s house) or have your boss (or teacher) come to your family’s Thanksgiving?
  40. Eat mayonnaise on all of your Thanksgiving food or eat a frozen Thanksgiving TV dinner?
  41. Host Thanksgiving dinner or attend a Thanksgiving dinner?
  42. Sit next to someone who eats from your plate or be drilled with personal questions by your relatives?
Thanksgiving would you rather free printable

Printable Thanksgiving Would You Rather Cards 

Feel free to download and print these fun cards below or pin this post for later!

Thanksgiving would you rather questions


I hope you and your family share many laughs and bond over this fun Thanksgiving game. 

This Post Was All About Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions.

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